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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

P.s. i dont know if possibility but make sure you are not pregnant before taking anything. And google autonomic nervous system response so that you can learn what it is. I have ulcerative colitis and gastritis/ stomach uicers and take omeprazole. It helps both. Really chest pressure, bad taste, heartbeat in weird places, fainting dont fall in line with either. Think time to see dr. If not gastroenterologist maybe you should try one. Thats just my opinion & i dont want you to take chances or keep feeling bad. But, if not pregnant i would call my dr for yeast Rx first. Hope you get better soon. So sorry all this is happening!I saw in other posts that you areREALLY concerned about taking ppi's. I wouldn't want you to blame such symptoms on side effects & not get checked. You shouldnt be afraid if gastro wants to do egd or colonoscopy, with these symptoms in my opinion i wouldnt guess anymore. Youneed solid answers from your dr.

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