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Re: New here; Frustrated & Have Questions (DHEA-S)

Thank you Ladybud, I will ask my doctor about it. I *believe* I've had complete blood panels done before, which I thought included checking for that, but I could easily be mistaken. I just briefly checked the symptoms of Lupus and I have many of them, however, those are also the same symptoms of FMS. Although I do also get an occasional redness of my face (the Lupus list mentions this), which I am now thinking more about. I always thought it happened when I overexert myself, but I need to pay more attention to that, since that is not an FMS symptom and I've never addressed it with a doctor. I do also get very cold extremities, but they don't turn blue as the Lupus list mentions. Regardless, I will ask my doctor about it, and see if there's more specific testing if we address it specifically.

I'd still appreciate more input, especially on low DHEA-S and taking it myself. I've been ignored for so many years by doctors when I mention concerns, that I am to the point of considering trying things on my own, but of course I do want to be safe about it.

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