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Re: New here; Frustrated & Have Questions (DHEA-S)

I thought I'd add some of my symptoms in case it makes anyone think of anything I haven't considered:

Daily fatigue & lethargy, sometimes completely debilitating

Muscle pain and weakness

non-refreshing sleep, I could sleep forever and feel like it's not enough.

Feel my best late at night. Difficulty getting up in the morning.

get sick easily and recover very slowly. A simple cold typically lasts for weeks.

tender points as in a FMS map, and general soreness everywhere. Lightly poking my arm hurts. A massage is agony, unless it's done VERY lightly.

poor memory/poor concentration

very dry skin

legs and feet go to sleep easily, especially if I cross my legs but even without doing so.

cravings for salty food, sometimes alternating with cravings for salty and then sweet, and I don't even care for sweets.

Sometimes but not daily my hand shakes; I notice it if I'm drinking a glass of water, I see my hand trembling. This is occasional.

poor spatial perception - that is to say I easily walk into door frames or misinterpret the distance from my hand to a doorknob, etc. I often bump into things.

Very easily bruised. I've been asked by more than one doctor if I am being abused (I'm not).

Always cold

Hair loss and thinning head hair. Almost no body hair, losing eyebrows. Don't even need to shave my legs.

My face sometimes goes very flush (definitely happens if I exert myself, but sometimes it seems to appear for no reason)

tons of cognitive issues, I lose track of what I'm doing, I can't concentrate, I get confused easily, I have trouble multi-tasking, I have trouble if more than one person in a room is talking or if there is any background noise that doesn't seem to bother others.

Inability to lose weight no matter what I do.

Low DHEA-S levels

These are just off the top of my head. These are mostly daily issues, not things that happen if my TSH levels are off, I recognize those symptoms more clearly. Sometimes I just think, "maybe this is just the FMS", but my gut tells me something else is off. I wish I could get a darn doctor to pay closer attention when I bring this stuff up.

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