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Re: New here; Frustrated & Have Questions (DHEA-S)

Hi dfoulston, thank you for your in-depth reply, I appreciate it very much. I have been telling doctors for years that something is off, but they all just attribute it to the Hypothyroidism or the FMS. After reading the book on adrenal fatigue, I became more convinced that it was adrenal related. Problem is, I'm in a VERY rural area and just finding a primary physician at all was hard, never mind an open-minded one when it comes to this topic. Not sure if you saw my test results in my post above, but I will ask that the other tests you mentioned be done as well.

I am 39; it's hard to say if my libido has decreased, since I've been alone and not dating now for a couple of years, ha ha. I do know the last doctor I had mentioned Addison's, but once that jerky endocrinologist said everything was fine (despite low DHEA-S), it got blown off entirely, and that's when I switched doctors. Haven't had the chance to discuss this in any depth with the new doctor yet, only have seen her twice for other pressing issues and didn't have time to get into it. But I will push harder for these tests. Some of these you mentioned I haven't heard of, so it will be good to research them and address them with my doctor, thank you!

I find the SECOND I say "I read...." anything they start giving me that look, like I'm a hypochondriac googling my own diagnosis. I'm just trying to research potential issues, I KNOW something is off with my adrenal system. I've had both hypothryoidism since the total Thyroidectomy for Grave's Disease and the Fibromyalgia for 12 years now, I know those symptoms well and I've seen a definite change, it's something else slowly developing.

Anyway, thank you for your input!

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