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Re: New here; Frustrated & Have Questions (DHEA-S)

Originally Posted by dfoulston View Post
Sorry ljhaze, I should explain my last paragraph. Postural BP is sitting, then standing blood pressure. High potassium, low sodium, unintentional weight loss and dizziness on standing (an exaggerated drop in BP) are cardinal symptoms of late adrenal failure.
Oh, I did have that done, or at least the standing and sitting part. But I also suffer from severe Vertigo, so it's hard to tell 'what's from what', if that makes sense. I've had Vertigo since I was 13; could never participate in gym class, can't do carnival rides, and often just being a passenger in a car will throw me into extreme vertigo where I am in bed and vomiting for days. I always get light headed when standing up too quickly. But again, that's been since I was a kid.

I'm sure I've had my Potassium tested, don't remember the results, but nothing stood out or I'm sure they would have mentioned that. I've also suffered 3 episodes of unexplained Pancreatitis, and during those attacks my Potassium was very low. I don't drink, so I don't know why the Pancreatitis attacks have happened. I didn't even know it was part of the endocrine system until I bought an anatomy book. Again, doctors blow this off.

Definitely no unintentional weight loss, other than back in 2001 when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Grave's Disease. After the total thryoidectomy my weight returned to a healthy but thin weight, as I've always been on the thin side. UNTIL about five years ago, when I gained nearly 50 pounds. I've been able to SLOWLY get some of that off. Now I'm considered slightly overweight but look pretty average unless you saw older pics of how thin I've always been since chidlhoood, 20's and up to mid- 30's. I can't seem to lose weight now no matter how hard I try, so that seems to be one thing that doesn't fit this scenario. That may be attributed to the Hypothryoidism, I really don't know. That's another thing doctors always blow off. They just say I'm aging and it happens.

I live in a VERY rural area and finding a doctor is extremely difficult, you have to take what you can get. And none seem very open minded, so yes, I have to do as much of my own research as possible.

PS: Thanks for the hug, I don't know how to give one back...

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