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Re: Can someone Please Help wiht some answers

Hi nami,

It seems like you are getting more hypo with the increase in thyroxine which happened to me and it is only my own experience I can base this on, so it could be that you really are just not converting. My frees did not move at all BUT my TSH did keep going down nicely.
Didn't help the symptoms much but got some relief.

I am not trying to say you should go holistic only or rely on this for treatment, only that I do this and feel it compliments my treatment with conventional medicine, I wouldn't play around with stuff like that without knowing what I was doing, and I really don't! As I said I followed instructions they were from the assistant I saw belonging to the new doc. That does the natural thyroid. She tested me for darn near everything and I was low in so much, iron, ferritin, calcium and the others I mentioned. It is only because I was low that I started the supplement routine. I am just mentioning that perhaps optimising your health in that area may then help you and assist with the proper conventional care. (When you eventually get the proper one that is

The guy I am now seeing is alan hadley, have seen him only once and do not go back till jan as not only is he now away but his books are now closed and there is a wait list, there must be someone in Melbourne that does natural, did you check into the info I gave you, flying to Sydney would be a lot on you if there is someone closer to hand.

Way to go building your own house

P.s. dr. Martin Hill and Dr. Pamela Dagley appear to be more progressive and use natural thyroid which means they probably test for conversion issues, they are both in Melbourne and might be worth giving them a go before flying to Sydney?

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