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Re: burning for more then 20 years

Hi Benka
Im sorry you had problems with the board. Im not even seeing where I replied to you! But, what I had said was you had mentioned that you have been with your doctor for 15 years, didnt you? I asked if you had ever had a second opinion. I also asked if anyone had ever suggested Fibro to you....your burning and pain sound alot like Fibro symptoms and it is very possible to have both MS and Fibromyalgia. I also asked if your doctor was a MS specialist, and if not, does he specialize in any particular part of neurology? A motor disorders specialist would specialize in Parkinson's and ALS, a general neuro usually specializes in headaches/ migranes...and then you have neuros who specialize in strokes...I was just curious if yours has any real significant MS experience, because for some MSers, numbness and what you describe are normal.
My onset symptom, 9 years ago was a numb, burning tingling hand and fingers...years later, I still have it. It never went away and no pain drugs or nerve drugs (cymbalta, lyrica or neurontin) have helped. I learned to live with it and recognize that the change in seasons (temperatures), high humidity and extreme heat can make it worse...

I think thats all I had written!
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