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Re: Anyone have a rash/acne from plaquenil?

Hi Vee!

I was reading up on *vasculitis* & *celiac* disease...omg! I am so surprised the docs never even thought to check for either of those. Most of the symptoms I have. Especially with the vasculitis, i found what they call " mononueritis multiplex" a type of RV with these symptoms, got the wrist that "drops" , muscle weakness, direaha and many of the symptoms of lupus SCLE. I was looking at my blood work results and everything was normal but my ANA titter,speckled 1:80, low C3 of 67 & the Russell venom test was 26.2 (expected range 25.0-45.0) so my doc said it was on the low end,which she wants to retest in the future. As for *irritable bowel disease* the blood work was not tested for that I noticed. the test is the ESR & C protiens and a few more that i were done (normal) so very confusing. I guess this is definitely something to mention to the doc! My test was negative for RA that's why doc said I have fibromyalgia w/ lupus. Now reading up this other stuff, maybe I have RV,celiac & fibromyalgia w/ the lupus.
Another thing, I do know I have had problems since childhood with is bowels & gastro issues. I remember going to the doc for it ,but they would just tell my mom to make sure "I got plenty of fiber", which at the time , being a child I hated veggies,mom made me eat them & chalked it up for not eating right, I never was overweight or anything,actually skinny. I figured it was nothing surious. my mom never thought anything more until now...all this stuff is starting to all come together nowlike a puzzle. It seems we are more our own docs to diagnose ourselves. I thought I was at the end of the road but now, just going down it more..but for the best! To more better days...

Thanks Vee!
Very greatful to you!