Thread: Osteoarthritis Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice
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Re: Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice

Hello, and thank you for your reply.
Podiatrist is sending me to a specialist who will fit me for custom orthotics. I am hoping they work wonders! Podiatrist said the shoes I was wearing were fine. They do offer some support.
Thank you for suggestion of blood wk. I don't remember Dr. doing any yet. Will ask about inflammatory markers. Never heard of them. No ,have not seen a rheumatologist. Podiatrist wants to see me again after I try orthotics for a while. I also bought some Epson salts as I heard they would be good for soaking sore feet. Dr prescribed Sulidac (Clinoril) for inflammation. He reassured me it was mild after I expressed concerns about my past gastritis. I take it only on extra bad days.
Took off a week from work so don't feel too bad due to less activity. Get a lot of pain if I walk around or stand in bare slippers.
Sounds like your poor toe hurt a lot! I hope it feels better after the fusion. Think I might have one of those magic bags or something like it. Will try it.