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Re: 21 yrs old cancer survivor ovarian failure Need Help?

Hi survivor, if you are sure that the blood is vaginal, it would most likely be a period. If a chance that you could be pregnant & sharp pains instead of menstrual cramps the dr may want you checked for a tubal pregnancy if the pain remains or worsens or a miscarriage. Have any of your drs ever indicated that you would not ever have period? If no chance of pregnancy,& the blood looks like menstrual blood & If no associated bleeding from any other body opening( gums, ears, nose, under skin, bladder, rectal) & the drs have never given you a warning that if you see bleeding call right away, and you arent soaking 2 pads an hour then I would assume its just a period. Except the 1st in 6 yrs? I would call the dr & just ask if okay. I hope its fine & this moves you closer to getting that baby that you want in the future, that would be great. I think your dr would really want to know & be happy. Thank you, gmak

PS. After reading that the drs said that you would never have this problem again did they mean a PERIOD? or you would never have OVARIAN FAILURE again ? B/c if never have a period again-- i think you should call them. If they meant you would never have OVARIAN FAILURE again--- then you ovulated. So, if what the d
r meant was that you would have periods but you havent im 6 years --- i think that you should call them. Dont feel silly! Better safe, right?

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