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is it possible i have lupus? help please!!!


So over the past few years Ive been really sick and the drs cant figure it out. I have had problems with my joints for awhile because i was a competitive swimmer but then I got pericarditis, a year later I got an acute case of glomerulonepritis. The past year I have been having a really hard time with my joints, last year it was both hips and i had to get steroid injections and now its my feet. Whenever I try running they hurt so bad and swell up. I go through like flare ups, I got stung by a bee in my foot and both my knees swelled up and I couldnt walk it was so painful. Then a couple weeks ago I got sick, really sick and my feet starting hurting so bad in the morning I couldnt walk on them and I developed little nodules on my fingers. My eyesight has also gotten way worse and starting to make me worry it seems to be deteriorating quickly. I am only 23 but my body feels like its at least 60 and I am always tired. Ive had tests to see if I have RA or another autoimmune but my blood work came back relatively normal. Any one have any ideas on wha could be going on, would appreciate any feedback!

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