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Re: Headaches, pressure, derealization, nausea, vomiting, muscle & joint pain, fatigu

I remembered last night... 2 yrs ago my MRI showed a Sinus Cyst. Doctors weren't worried about it.

Problems are getting worst. Vomiting is pretty regular. Had to go to Urgent Care the other day to stop the vomiting. Headache was severe which is common. It's been 5 days & headache is mild. I don't think it ever really goes away. Always have head pressure.

I'm wondering if the Cyst/Polyp is causing the headaches & vomiting. I'm worried it may actually be a tumor. I read that if its a tumor cancer can spread and cause neck pain. I have such severe neck pain, always hurts. My whole body always hurts, mostly muscles & joints but that could just be the fibro...

I guess I'm just trying to see if I should have more tests done on this Polyp/Cyst? I hate to run up more doctor bills unless it really could be the cause of my problems.

Severe Pain, Fatigue, Headaches & Vomiting are my worst symptoms & running my life.
It's so bad that I'm afraid I'm just slowly dying. I know I probably sound like a hypochondriac but its really bad...
I recently had an abdominal ultrasound & GI ultrasound, both normal.
I worry now thy maybe they aren't figuring out what's going on because they overlooked the Cyst & maybe it's really a tumor & spreading...
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