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Re: Guttate Psoriasis

How old is your son? I have psoriasis and for years it was only plaque limited to about a dozen spots which I could control with topical meds. About 3 years ago it turned into guttate and covered over 60% of my body. Topicals were out of the question at that point so my derm doc put me on Enbrel. It took about 5 months for it to clear me up completely. I have been in remission for the first time in my life ever since. I have taken methotrexate unsuccessfully in the past for arthritis, but never for psoriasis(The toxicity scared me). Enbrel is a biologic med, so lowering your ability to fight an infection is the major side effect. There are other biologic meds out there, but I can only speak of my results with enbrel. It is an expensive treatment even with good insurance, but there are assistance programs out there to take advantage of(as I did). I only had to pay my copay of $30 a month.

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