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Shocked or Damaged Parathyroids after TT

I am so hoping someone can help me. I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer after a hemi thyroidectomy in August of this year. Two days ago I had the rest of my thyroid removed. Surgery went well I am told. Since I have had this surgery before, I knew what to expect. They did a blood test and said my Calcium levels were too low and gave me IV calcium once, then the pills and calcitrol. I was released after 2.5 days in hospital with a prescription for calcium and calcitrol.....for SIX MONTHS SUPPLY.

So are they permanently damaged or just shocked? My surgeon says all glands are still intact. I am taking alot of calcuim , 1000mg x 3 per day and Calcitrol x twice a day. I am scared at the thought of having to take all of this medication for the rest of my life. I have been pouring over the internet trying to find others who have had issues with Calcium and if it came back to normal after surgery.

I was also hoping since i had these surgeries so many months apart that the parathyroids would have a better shot at being ok.

This also may sound odd but it has been three days since my surgery and i am wondering if i am now HYPERcalcemic....i have no appetite, feel like vomiting alot, my urine has been cloudy for one day (NO UTI) and abdo discomfort.

I am praying my parathyroids decide to work again. has anyone ever had a good result within a week or so after surgery and Calcium issues?

The thought of having to take all of this medication for the rest of my life is terrifying...thank you for helping