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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

Hi Rickey7, I just came across your post... My husband has been progressively getting worse over the last several years (fatigue, muscle aches, migraines, low immunity, weight gain, lack of interest/ambition, very low libido, etc., etc...) Anyhow, I noticed you live in New Orleans (we are on the Northshore), and as you know from your own experience it is very difficult to find a doctor who will actually listen and take an interest in what you are saying. So, I was wondering if I could get the name of the doctor you are seeing. I recently got a clue as to what might be going on (I ordered a testosterone test from one of those do-it-yourself was LOW), and I do not want to go back to the doctor he had been seeing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! I've read that Vit. D is necessary for hormone production, so I am wondering if that might be part of the problem...

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