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Re: MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP


I am all set for next week. I just have to call a day before the procedure to see what time I have to be there.

I did see my kidney doctor yesterday before the surgery. Blood work is worse. not sure what this means in the long term. Need to redo blood work in March to see if blood work is sitll bad or what. The doctor ws concerned about the changes found in the lab work.

time will tell as to what is going on with the blood work. More later.[/QUOTE]

Pebble, Thanks for the update. Im glad that its all set to go! Hopefully friend when the pump is controlling your pain at least 50% then the amount of medicine that you take orally will be so much less it will make your kidney labs better, I hope. Does this make sense? If you are on less medicine & you have until march, it could improve, yes? It seems to me that it is a good chance anyway.So praying for the highest relief possible & kidney function to improve & of course you! Not too much longer. I will be here for you if you need an ear, i hope you know i understand. Thanks friend, gmak

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