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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi Haydena,

I don't think it's the weather, but I'm being very good about icing and elevating-I bought one of those foam cubes that someone recommended in a thread here and it is a lifesaver. When I use it at night there is no chance that my arm will go down and start to swell in my sleep. I have had a lot of experience with surgery and I don't mess around with my recovery. I want this hand to be perfect.

I went out today with my husband and bought a coat with a larger sleeve today, so I'm going to be much more comfortable outdoors now. We have snow coming tomorrow, so I got it just in the nick of time.

Have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing from you after your appointment.

Hi Linda & all the ''thumb'' ladies here,

When my surgeon looked at the xray of my right hand this afternoon, he said, ''yes'' when he pressed the joint & it clicked, he said, ''yes''
My surgery date is for Monday 28th January providing I get all the results of the tests I need to have done. If not then it will be 4th February.

Linda your hand will be perfect because you are doing exactly what you are required to do.
Enjoy wearing your new large sleeved coat! I happened to have found a coat with large sleeves in my reserve cupboard yesterday which I will be able to wear when I have the micro-plastic splint on after the original bandage is removed from my hand. My surgeon does not use casts. I will tell you all about it as I go through it (again)

Happy healing to you Linda.