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Question MRI report on back, What is diagnosis ????

had an mri and have the report but still havent been told what it is I have only that they cant treat it. L3/L4 and L4/L5 disca are degenerative with established stress endplate changes adjacent to the L3/L4 disc, there are small effusions within the L3/L4 and L5 facet joints bilaterally. Just on the edge of imaged volume at T9.T10 there is a central disc protusion that indents on the anterior theca and may make contact with the anterior of the cord. Thoracic protrusions may be independantly associated with back pain.
CONCLUSION: degenerative disc,endplate and facet joint changes at L3/4 anf L4/5. as described,central non compressive disc protrusion at T9/10 which may independently associated with back pain, noo neural compression... Has any one any idea what this points to.
I have had shuermmans disease of the spine since childhood but these changes are new.
Im in constant agony and Id like to know why.
Thanks for reading,hope someone can help