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Re: Off meds for 13 months. Symptoms returning?

I used to experience severe migraines long ago which my neuro told me were probably MS signs (I was 14), but this was ascertained forensically. Depending on my pain location, I treat mine with either dark chocolate or diet Dr. Pepper. For me, thanks to my niece's gift of Belgian dark chocolate, know that there is a difference in types of dark chocolate which work. That is, some brands require more consumption. The Belgian dark chocolate required just 2-3 blocks.

Pregnancy can suppress MS in women due to the production of estriol- a hormone produced during pregnancy. Researchers are working on meds using estriol which seem to be promising, but only for women.

With great admiration, I applaud your efforts to be med free to allow for breast feeding. You are giving your child a great beginning.

You might need to work with your doctor and neuro both to determine if your migraines are MS related or not. For me, I know based on specific pain locations and the fact that NSAIDs are useless for this pain. You can have MS as well as suffer migraines. Your doctor and neuro can help you in this area. Many times when a new problem or pain rises up to introduce itself, I will check with my neuro to know whether it is MS or not. She is very good about letting me know what to do. About 90% of the times I asked, it was MS related.

I wish I could tell you more other than see your doctors. Again, I applaud your sacrifice to do the best you can for your child. You are in my prayers.
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