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I see you got a post in I had not read while I was composing my last one. Glad to read you seem to have a good group of docs, other than the surgeon. Hopefully they can better control your pain while you look for a complete and good diagnosis.

I had a couple very rough years while having a useless operation, lots of useless injections, and months of harmful physical therapy. All the while trying to get an accurate diagnosis. A test that help put the puzzle together was a myelogram with contrast CT. Now I have a good PM Dr. and pain program that includes narcotics, safe helpful PT, appropriate restrictions on activities, and nutrition supplements. Pain is controlled enough now that I lead a reasonably normal retirement. I just have to be careful in what I physically do. Left arm is pretty useless. I can pick up and hold a glass of water in it, but not drink from without making a mess. I have a series of light exercises I do to keep range of motion and some muscle tone. Fortunately, it is all on the left side sand I am right handed.

Hopefully you will still get benefit from your ACDF surgery while you and your doctors figure it all out.

Your very welcome, glad my input might be helpful.
Severe DDD, Severe neural foraminal stenosis at 2 levels, moderate canal stenosis at 2 levels, significantly impaired left shoulder & arm function. Chronic moderate compression fracture at C6.

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