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I'm back

Hi all
I'm back to the board if you'll have me!

I've been doing so so. Still struggle with my roxys. I got a script for dilauded for my very severe migraines but have managed to NOT abuse them. I get no high from them whatsoever and they almost don't help with my pain.
Scary. Pill struggles out there/ chronic pain patients, this is what happens when you have a huge tolerance.... it becomes very hard to control your pain. I mean 4mg tabs of dilauded should work, and yet, I barely get relief at my most desperate moments.

Anyway- a positive step I'm going to do is ask my doctor next week to lower my over all my overall number of pills I get a month. I don't need 180 15mg roxys a month. That's what gets me in trouble. I have all the extra pills. So I'm going to ask to go down to 150 or so a month. And then when I see her 2 months later, I'll go to 120 etc until I find a level that controls my pain, but doesn't allow me to have so many to play around with. See if that works as I cannot use any other migraine meds to control my pain except narcotics, so I'll have to see if I'm able to control things once I have a smaller script... For now, im just going one step at a time.

Wish me luck! I go see the doc either end of this week or start of next. I'm nervous.
But I'm starting (again) to do lots of other positive things on a consistent basis... I hike all the time, been much more social, looking for work, dating a little... So pills have to get under control or I'll never really move forward.
Cutting down my script is the first official move I've ever made with a doctor to try and get a handle on things... (besides asking to come off morphine).
I'll keep you guys posted!
I hope everyone is well and fighting the good fight! My friends here are never far from my mind, no matter how long I am away from the board.
Good vibes!
my issues have issues!

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