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Re: need help

Hi there!
I really understand where you're coming from. My pill issues have been around seemingly forever. But u know it's time.

I can promise you that if you keep taking them not as prescribed, unfortunately the pain will be the least of your concerns. I hate to be so blunt but i speak from close to a decade of experience. I'm a chronic pain patient and I understand that fear you're talking about. But things get worse in so many more ways, really complicated ways, if you keep using.

If you can taper down, or talk to your doc and see if there is another med out there that may help (non narcotic) or other things like acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractor etc..., I dont know your physical issue but there are other ways to try to deal with pain.
Also with your hubby, that's a good thing to handle with a clear head. I know it feels so much better to hide, but trust me, put your head deep in the pill bottle and 5 years will just pass by and little will change. That's what pills do after a while. I know all about that! Ugh...
But you can change that! It's never too late for anyone. If you choose to just cold turkey quit, Yes the first week (5 days or so) reay arent fun, but when you think about it, it's truly only 5 days and then u can work towards getting your life back and working on these issues.
Or consult with your doctor. He/she can help u as sometimes the pain acts up before it settles down, as Youve been shutting down it's pain center for a while. But slowly it will come back.
Just, as I don't know u or your condition, I'd really advise telling your doc you'd like to see how you do off the meds.
With a clear mind, things will fall into place and may not feel so overwhelming.
I hope some of this helps!
Best to you!!! I know u can do this! You and your future are worth it!
Good vibes!
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