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Re: I'm back

Haven't used since last Wed or Thurs. Just have a 1.5 pills for doc appt tomorrow (they do random drug tests and some docs prefer you to have your meds in your system so they know u use them and don't sell them. Weird philosopy but whatever).
Anyway tomorrow is the day I ask to drop my script from
180 15mg roxys to 150.... and slowly down from there.

My withdrawals since I haven't used in a while were not bad at all. The first day I slept all day and night... but the rest of the days I just powered through it. Went out, saw friends, just armed with immodium! But otherwise, I distracted myself. That's the trick, if u can. Don't sit around thinking about how u want your DOC, really try to find something else to do.

At night, restless legs are killer, but my muscle relaxors for my back work well and I'm able to sleep.
It's not even been a week and I may feel well enough to go hiking tomorrow.
Even though I get a script tomorrow, I believe I cannot fill it for a week. That's fine. I'm happy doing my thing without them and am happier to be starting a real taper with my new script. I'm sure some think, your off them bow, why get your script? But my migraines arent controlled and I'm only medically allowed pain meds for my headaches. So, I'm trying to look out for my health in both directions.... but trying to really move forward.
Maybe someday there will be an amount I can manage. Maybe not. But I'm going to try to lower my script by 30 every appt. It may take a while, but slow and steady wins the race.

Gotta keep trying! That goes for everyone. There is no limit on dusting yourself off and trying to quit again. Just try to look forward and envision a better place for yourself... and then take your steps, teeny or big, til u get there. That happy, healthy place is waiting for all of us.

Good vibes to all
my issues have issues!

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