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Re: rotator cuff suture anchor failure

I went from a rotator cuff tear and compression fracture of the humeral head, through 5 surgeries, up to a total shoulder replacement, and am now waiting to hear from my surgeon to schedule a reverse replacement - last ditch effort to control pain. Forget ROM. I was 54 when this started - 57 now, so 5 failed surgeries in 3 years. I was also ignored and dismissed by orthopods, even against the advice of my PT who refused to continue treatment until I got an MRI. I had to get my own by going to a chiropractor. The first orthopod I saw said "why should I spend $2000 on you?".

Needless to say, things were in bad shape by the time I finally had surgery the first time. I had the total replacement in May (had a hemiarthroplasty the previous summer, but the hemicap was misplaced and it failed - that doc refused to continue treatment, just saying 'you have a bad shoulder.' I "convinced" him to send me to one of his mentors, so he did and now I have to travel 600 miles. I thought the replacement would work - it failed when the subscap tore a couple months later. So, I went from being employed, active, have horses at home, out every weekend, to a couch potato pretty much, active elevation of 20 degrees, totally dislocated joint (superior/anterior subluxation -you can see the humeral head bulging through the skin), lost 65 pounds (yay) and in pain management.

What, is it because we are women in our 50s? I say yes. I had one surgeon insist that I am a woman between 40-60 and they get frozen shoulder, so that is what I have. There is no such thing as an acute traumatic rotator cuff in women my age. That IS what he said. I am sick.

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