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Re: Getting ready to move my mom

Hello there and welcome to our little corner of the world. The move ahead for mom will be devastating to say the least. I would not go into much detail, it will only stress her out and worry her and her confused mind will not handle to much new information. instead tell mom that her place needs some work and that to make it easier for the workers you have arrange a wonderful all inclusive room to stay in while the work is preformed. If she questions about who is paying tell her the homes insurance and that it is all taken care of. To much detail will confuse and frighten her. Make light of the situation, if need be tell her that you and her are having a gals weekend. Make sure everything is prepared so when you arrive there is no hassle, just into the room and get settled. Then go for tea and a look around. Try to get some of mom's thing set up ahead of going there. Do you have help? If you do you can take mom for a ride while some else takes some of her belongs that she will need near her to feel secure. Maybe her comforter or a special towel set or her bathrobe hanging in the bathroom, anything to make it feel like it was not any big thing. You,may have to explain a few times about the workers. If you have some helP tell mom that so and so will be there to keep an eye on them. Now it can be as simple as telling mom that the water pipes are being replaced, anything that will make sense to her. Your job will be to aliviate all the stress of the move for mom. The less worried she will be the better it will be.

You have quit the job in front of you...make sure the nurse at the new home don't make to much of a fuss, that could really scare her with all the new faces, this should seem very everyday to mom so as not to upset her. When my mom asked about,going home, I would tell her that is was to windy, the car was in the shop, the workers were not finished or what ever I thought would work so my mom had a sense that every thing was as it should be.

Hugs Judy..I do hope everything goes well...
Forever in my heart

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