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Re: xlif for L4-L5 plif for L5-S1

Hello and welcome on board!

I am so sorry you in so much pain and facing surgery, this is not fun and I get it.
Teteri asked if you had several opinions. She asked you for a reason: this is so important, this is also part of your successful well being.
Never, ever go for even mild surgery without seeing second and more if needed opinions, especially if you go for spinal surgery. One very important detail: you must see another opinions out of the area where your surgeon practices.
I learned in a hard way how important this is. When I went for second opinion in same area where my surgeon practiced, it was waist of my time and money. I learned later that doctors who know each other or of each other, will not contradict each others opinion. So I was told: sure, follow what your surgeon told you, he knows his business, he is a good Dr. I agree with him, you need this surgery 100%.
Naive me, but at least I know it know and share with you like I would share with my relative, because I care.
For my second surgery, I went for second opinion to the best place I could reach (we all have good hospitals around who specialize in what we need) and who never heard of my surgeon. I got myself a fare, honest opinion and ended up staying with them. But when I came, I told them its only second opinion, I didn't want them to know I want to be operated by this doctor. Only b/c some surgeons are very "knife happy" and no way I will be someone's Guinea Pig.

I understand you in pain; I get you want a better life quality, but surgery may not be the answer. Not always the answer. Sometimes people wish they never done it. This is why, despite all the pain you are in, do your homework, research a good hospital even if you have to travel, it so worth it (I travel to my HSS in NYC for almost 2 hours). Take all your pictures, reports and records and make an a/p with the director of spinal orthopedic department. If you have to wait - it's OK, at least than you will know you done EVERYTHING before you go under the knife.

I wish you luck and hope will hear from you jumping and leaving your happy and healthy life soon.


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