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Re: 8 months post stroke

hi Guy, you must be Mona's kid? sorry I had to say it you may not remember it! Mona is my wife. it was a TV commercial year ago.

I can't tell you how long the deadness spreads? I can tell you that being almost 20 years and 4 months post stroke, it has spread to cover 100% of my affected left side, not really sharp pain, but can feel the difference. some areas hurt, some just feel dead. my left leg has gained a little movement I can control, my left arm/hand/shoulder, nothing at all.
just recently, I've learned I can cross my left leg over my right, without lifting it with my right hand by my ankle. I'll do that 20-25 times before I go to bed. but I've noticed in the morning my left leg tends to curl up, and I have to straighten it out with my right leg. when before all I could do was straighten it not bend it at the knee. also, some mornings I wake up and it feels like I'd been in the sun for hours and it feels sunburned, not being in the sun at all. another thing, if you find you can do something new? keep doing it before you forget. I know I raised my left arm a year or so back? but I can't remember how I did it! now can't

I'm waiting for you to report you are running again. as George would say "keep at it mate"

good luck and god bless

happiness is a way of life, not a goal in life, success comes in cans not can'ts

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