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Re: Having meniscus surgery Friday

Chilly, I'm glad you're recovering nicely from your surgery. I had my 4th menisectomy surgery last Sept. I have had 3 others on my left knee. My right knee also had a retinacular release open surgery (vs arthroscope) in 2004. This most recent surgery has been, by far, my most difficult recovery. Initially, I did great and was walking without help from crutches within a week. However, it still has issues. I did 6 wks of PT in Nov and Dec. This knee still pops when I move to stand from a sitting motion. I just elevate and ice when I see swelling. Haven't really thought much of it since I just went through a very difficult and invasive surgery on my left ankle and foot. I had my ankle and arch and heel of my foot reconstructed a week ago. I am non-weight bearing on my left foot, so I have to rely 100% on my right foot and leg to get me around. Not good for my right knee. It freaks me out a little because the knee still feels weak. And to top it off, I was using my knee walker late last night to get to the bathroom and I was trying to carry a couple of things back to the couch along with trying to scoot along and I fell off the scooter onto my stone tile floor. I panicked because of my surgery foot taking the force of the fall so I threw myself onto my right knee. OMG it hurt! My knee immediately swelled and feels even worse now. So worried that I damaged it again. It seems ok at the moment. Time will tell. So be careful in protecting your knee. Once you've had a meniscus surgery, it seems to be vulnerable to further injury.
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