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Re: To have surgery or not

As others have said, pain is such a subjective term.

For me, the pain that was generated the first two weeks I had PT was the worst. And again as others have stated-initially make sure you take your drugs! And don't drive.

I am now one year two months post surgery. My range of motion is doing real well, although I still can't get my hand\arm behind my back up parallel to my spine as presurgery.

Regarding PT, and most importantly post PT. You still need to be diligent with your home exercise regime. I find that if I skip them for a couple of days it's amazing how quickly things feel "stiff". Unfortunately, I still don't have a strong sense of "how strong" I am now. My biggest fear is going out and reinjury. Additionally, if you're able, research your different PT options, as you want a facility that specializes in shoulders.

Good luck!


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