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Re: help needed truely unsure what to do

When I was considering changing PM doctors, I simply called a few practices around me, making it clear that I was coming to interview/consult with the new doctor regarding my treatment and to see what he thought he might be able to do or not. I knew full well that there was nothing surgically , at that point anyway, or injection wise that he could offer but wanted to meet the doctor, and find out what he thought he would do in my turned out to be a great way to meet the new doctor, spend some time talking with him, gave him a chance to review my records, and I wasn't expecting him to take over my meds so it gave us time to talk-and I got to feel him out, he got to feel me out, go over my condition and go from there...
One of the mistakes that I see often is that a patient goes into a new doctor appointment expecting that the new doctor is one-going to give them prescriptions right off the bat, and two- just follow whatever the patient tells them. I didn't do that, in fact, the first thing that I said to any of the new ones that I interviewed was that, I had a current physician and wasn't happy with the current plan and wanted to see what they would suggest. At the end of the appointments, all reached the same conclusion ,medical management was the only option for me and they all offered to take that on if I wanted them was far more relaxed that way, I didn't have any expectations of going and getting meds that they were not familiar with- I brought copies of my print outs from my pharmacy and all records/reports with me , so we could review them I would do something like that .
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