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Depression and Infatuation

I was just wondering, does anyone else have issues with infatuation while depressed/down? Long story short, my fiance left me for a girl he dated when he was 14 and never got over-they never split up, she moved away while he was still in the infatuation stage and they lost touch for years, had a one night fling about 4.5 years ago (before I was with him), and then no contact again for 1.5 years, when they started talking again and had a long distance emotional affair. He stopped, but tells me now he'd occasionally talk to her again, whenever he was feeling down, because it made him feel better.

Well we moved much much closer to her (still 4 hours away, but 3000 miles closer), and he had gotten extremely depressed due to his horrible job. He made the idiotic decision to go see her, decided he was in love, moved in immediately, etc. I am about 99.9% sure its infatuation and I was told by a psychologist that it is as well-and that he's always seeking her out when he feels bad because of the chemical influence.

So now here I am, he's been living with her for 3 weeks, still very obviously in that "high" state. What I'm wondering is, do some depressed people fall for infatuation easily? I know they can make rash decisions, and stupid decisions...obviously moving in with someone after a couple of days together is pretty rash (and leaving someone you've been with for 4 years and almost never fought with....). What happens when you do something like this, those hormones die down and the depression comes back? I'm worried that he'll lose it :/ He was so depressed before and now, assuming we're right, he'll not only lose the chemicals keeping his depression under control, but he'll be faced with reality-that he left his family and everything else behind, hurt me horribly, etc. Or will the depression keep that at bay and keep him in denial? I'm just worried about him, I'm sure you can tell I still love him and he's my child's father too, I don't want anything bad to happen

Thanks for any advice

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