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Re: ER Visit- Sent Home Tests Negative-Enough Done??

So me and you are the same age sound like similar stories but with one exception whats hitting you now hit me about three years ago. Have you had a upper GI or even a abdominal CT ? What I ultimately found out was that I have a hiatal hernia although be it a small one after I eat without fail I get chest pain sometimes left right middle lower. Having said that I thought it was heart related of course so I've been to the cardiolgic had the stress test and heart ultra sound test all came good so my anxiety level went from a 7,8,9 to a 1,2,3 which is manageable. You need to start with a upper GI see if they find anything that away but a lot of HH are found on stomach CT as mine was.
Then I got heart cleared cause I do have a family history of heart issue IE dad, grandfather. This will be a HUGE help on your mind to help clear up stuff. As for the heart burn esophagus spasm also cause chest pain along with heartburn there is medication for the spasms. But how much Zantac are you taking ? I have been on PPI H2 blockers you name it. Once heartburn gets really badly out of wack it can take some time to get it under control.

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