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Re: Where to go next?

So sorry to hear of all these symptoms in what should be such as wonderful time in your life as a new mother.

One thing you mentioned really stood out to me... and that was the 5-6 hours of sleep per night. As a nursing mother, and with the demands of a toddler, you really need extra sleep. I would start there, as it an easy place to do so. Is there a reason you do not sleep a full 8 hours? I would make sure to get all the rest you need, especially with your symptoms.

It sounds as if you have had lots of medical intervention without much success.

I would suggest lots of rest, lots of water, good clean food and see if that does not help. A good multi vitamin might help too, as you mention your diet might be short in some areas.

Stress is also a very powerful component in good health. Is there a way to ease that stress though exercise, or relaxation techniques? Mediation is wonderful. Is your husband helpful at home, and do you have plenty of outlets for your own pleasure without your child? Time to be free of your responsible every second is so important to us mothers, and is often overlooked by both ourselves and our spouses.

Just remember, that childbearing and raising is a very difficult job under the best of situations, but it is up to us to provide proper attention to both the physical and mental aspects that motherhood entails. Be very patient and kind to yourself and I hope that will help a bit.