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I dont plan om taking these meds long term. I have had it with my Dr. she seems to only want healthy patients. Im going to fix this naturally on my own. All i know is that my glands in my neck have been sore and i wake up with excessive mucus. Dr wont even deal with this...but this came first. I Think if i fix this problem the other will.correct itself.

Im also going to try slippery elm and siberian pine nut oil. I hate that drs just throw pills at you.

I had a colonoscopy years back for lower right sided pain n got dxd with ibs...but i had NO bowel issues. Found out that my pain was from an ovarian cyst!!! Drs misdiagnose and im not allowing them to do that again. I had a ct scan to rule out big problems. So that is the extent of testing im allowing at this time.

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