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Re: had "teeth adjustment" during TMJ treatment today. Kind of worried. Help?

Originally Posted by dczech1 View Post
the thing is they are trying to relax the muscles. They give me cold laser therapy and deep ultrasound messages to try and relax the muscles. They called this teeth polishing an "adjustment" so I really don't know. I tried muscle relaxants and physical therapy but I knew that wasn't working. My neck pain was being caused by something else
Are you sure your neck pain is being caused by something else? I have chronic neck pain which is related to my TMJ. And many people who have TMJ issues have neck pain. What kind of diagnotistic tests have you had? MRI? CT Scan? Have you tried massage therapy?

I appreciate how you must feel - I know you want to get better and I know how frustrating it can be when you try everything and there is no relief. Honestly though, if you some misgivings and haven't had a second opinion about the treatment involving shaving your teeth - I would get one. It can't hurt.

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