Thread: Osteoarthritis Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice
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Re: Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice

Good timing Linda, I was just looking for recommendations for good walking shoes. I have a couple pair that I wear with my orthotics . The Brooks are my favorite so far. But I am looking for shoes specifically recommended for low,or no arch. You like New Balance . I will look into those. Thanks!
I do wear my athletic shoes all the time. I stare longingly at a pair of wide leg ankle pants in my closet. But alas I cannot wear sandles right now I hope to be able to some day.
My neck pain really has me baffled . Sense the degree of discomfort varies I don't think it is serious. And I am not having spasms. Sometimes it does not seem as tight or painful. Hurts the most as I turn my head. Get a pain right side back of head and tightness running down neck. Maybe from my laptop? I am also thinking my problems with my feet is throwing off the rest of me. As in my alignment being off.

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