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re: not losing weight fast enough

I have always believed in calorie restriction. and it was not too hard because I am a big guy who can eat a lot of calories and still lose. So I started calorie counting, AGAIN, last month. My results were non-existent.
My problem is that at home I can use a gram scale and package listings for calories but I eat a lot of meals in restaurants and there is no way to determine calories without gross guesstimations.

I know that fast food restaurants must post calories in New York City. But REAL restaurants do not.

So I needed to do something else and I realize that I do a lot of nighttime snacking. SO two days ago I started NO FOOD AFTER 7PM.
I am hopeful, it is easy enough to pull off, but only time will tell if I get some results.

I am also going to up my gym time (resistance workoputs) from near nothing to 3 times a week.
I will be happy with losing a pound a week.

I'll report back.

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