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re: not losing weight fast enough

So far no complaints about The Fast Diet (from Post #8):
After 3 weeks (6 fast days) I have lost 7.2 pounds ...I cannot be more thrilled; I feel like Scrooge on Christmas morning. Yesterday was coffee, 4 ounces of kefir, a hard boiled egg and a can of Mondongo (Cuban tripe stew) for a total of 490 calories. I even hit the gym twice this week but I have a persistent pain in the ball of my right hand which makes any bench presses painful. I cannot go very heavy without pain (135 lb. max.). It does not hurt at all at rest...weird. Maybe lifting gloves will help to distribute the pressure better?

The two diet days are making me more aware of what I am eating the other days...although I DID manage 2 banana splits Tues. and Wed. I think I can do this diet for a long time, it is so simple. Eventually the diet calls for maintenance control in a 6-1 day once per week.

I have 23 pounds more of blubber to lose to get to my ideal weight. I have only tried 2 other diet plans in my relatively long life: Atkins (a dangerous joke) and daily calorie counting (too tedious.)
Let's hope Three's the charm.

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