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Originally posted by CheriPatrice:It almost seems as if he is saying, too bad, so sad.
That's what I was afraid he said... ! Thanks for that gloomy confirmation, CheriPatrice.

I know exactly what you mean about wanting a partner in health. I'm not paranoid enough to believe that doctors really conspire to keep their patients ill out of cruelty; but they have all the human frailties as the rest of us. Whatever keeps them from making correct diagnoses and providing proper treatments is going to continue, I think, and maybe even get worse. The list of "whatevers" is long; could be ego, ignorance, fear, money, pride, control... or a combination of any of them.

I've met a lot of doctors in my time. I can count on one hand the number who I admired and felt in good hands with. Want to hear some horror stories?... The internist who told my dad he was depressed and needed to snap out of it, when he actually had terminal metastatic brain cancer. The pulmonologist who performed a bronchoscopy in his office on my good friend without the backup of a crash cart or even a tank of oxygen... She died right there from an anaphalactic shock reaction to the local anesthetic, and she was a barely 23 year-old newlywed. The cardiologist who delivered the unexpected news to me that my husband needed cardiac bypass surgery in the same nonchalant manner as someone would comment on the day's weather.
There have been others, too many to name.
Gee whiz, I wish they would get a clue.
"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." Abraham Lincoln