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andrew_d01 HB User
Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

Hey everyone. I'm glad I found this board but that's been countered with all the negative results people have had. Alritey, my problems... :

Each morning I wake up I have to cough for about 2 hours to clear my throat. I feel like I've dislodged mucus after this time and can sometimes cough it up and it's usually clear. It's pretty violent coughing and very annoying.

Throughout the day I have to clear my throat constantly and my voice disappears regularly. If I'm walking for more than about 4 mintues then my voice will go completely; it's the same in air conditioned environments. It's like my throat empties and there's nothing to clear it with. Chewing gum and rest works to bring it back. More often than not whole words don't come out and softer sounds and vowels won't come out so it's really inflicting my life and what jobs I can do. I'm 20 and had this since 17 and only know realising that other people have it cos I thought this was just my voice. I can't shout either and my voice is quiet and weak.

I don't get any pains but I do have a constant feeling of thick mucus in my throat and I'm pretty convinced it's LPR. Plenty of 'up until 5am' researching makes it a pretty good diagnosis.

I'm going to see an ENT as soon as I get an appointment, hopefully by the end of the month. So I was wondering how people reacted to all the medication, because it seems like not many people get positive differences. How well are the PPIs and Nexium etc? I'm going to try and make sure I get a laryngoscopy and pH test, endoscopy and manometry done to be able to rule out everything that it isn't and so I can start being fixed.

Do you think maybe it could be polyps on my vocal cords or something? It's mostly always a strain to talk and I'm just scared that I'll never be able to have a proper life seeing as most of the time I can't even speak. Does the Nissen Fundoplication give some relief?

I'd really appreciate some replies. I'm so worn out by all of this, I just want to be normal!!! I'm in the UK btw.


P.S. If aswander reads this, I only found this Acid Reflux page on Google, stupid me couldn't work out to just go to the main discussion page, duh! lol

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jsharp29 HB User
Re: Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

Originally Posted by andrew_d01
So I was wondering how people reacted to all the medication, because it seems like not many people get positive differences. How well are the PPIs and Nexium etc?

Does the Nissen Fundoplication give some relief?
From my experience PPI's worked well for me. I wasn't diagnosed w/ LPR specifically, but a barium swallow showed I did have gastroesophogeal significant reflux. Like most people with LPR I have zero heartburn but have the constant need to clear my throat and voice hoarseness.

My doc prescribed me Protonix 40 mg once a day. This seems to help me and I noticed relief within a couple of days. My experience is a little different some folks on the board, but I started taking PPI's almost immediately after noticing the throat clearing problem so maybe the LPR (if that is indeed what it is) may not have developed to an extreme level.

In regard to the Nissen Fund. The doctor I saw didn't recommend it. He said it was only something like a 50% success rate. He could be wrong though.

Hope that helps.

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Kaetea1 HB User
Re: Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

I've had GURD for years. I go in about every 2 years to have the scar tissue on my esophegus (spelling?) broken up. I know it's time to go in when it hurts to swallow water and I have to clear my throat all the time. Acidphex helps but it not covered under my presciption plan and I can't afford it on my own. I use an OVC generic med that helps at night. The throat clearing, coughing for hours in the morning with a chronic cough all day is a way of life for me. The morning cough is caused by the acid that escapes through the stomach sphincter up into the esophegus and then into the bronchial tubes and irritating the bronchial tubes. When it really gets bad my voice gets raspy also. The fact that I work at a call center and am on the phone all day doesn't help.

I suggest taking the meds the ENT prescribes. I don't like taking a lot of drugs, but it will make a difference. There are several of these that work about the same. Protonix, Nexium and Acidphex seem to all work for me. The thing is that you need to take the med regularly. The laproscopy/endoscopy will not hurt. They put me under for it. I even got a picture of the inside of my stomach. It was pretty cool. If you take care of the problem now, and take good care of yourself, most of the symtoms will lighten up and you will live a pretty normal life.

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Edi Edi is offline
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Edi HB User
Re: Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

I don't know if this pertains to you at all but I have a friend who developed a severe cough. He had it for a little over a year. He finally figured out it started after he went on a certain medication. He went off of it to see if that was what was causing it and sure enough it went away.

He talked to his doc about it and they switched meds and he never got the cough back. He never indictated that it affected his speech though.

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Kaetea1 HB User
Smile Re: Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

I don't take much in the way of meds. Only what I absolutely have to, when I have to. I believe that quite often the side effects are worse than the help received from the drug. The endoscopies show damage and a build up of scar tissue each time they go in. I try to keep up with my meds for GURD but the one that works the best is not covered under my prescription plan. The alternatives help, but not nearly as much.

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NancyH HB User
Re: Vocal cord problems - coughing - loss of voice - read me!!!

From what I understand and it has happened to me is! If there is only one drug that will work for you and all otc doesn't work as well and the scar tissue continues to develope, YOUR Dr can write the insurance company that this particular medication is the only one that works for you. You just need to list all meds that you have tried and what it didn't or did do and 99.9% of the time the health plan will ok it!! It's the "if all else fails" kind of thing, they don't want to but will if it's the only one, you have to prove you've tried everything else, I did and finally got it.

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