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Forensicmom HB User
Organic treatment vs drugs??????

I'm definately not trying to start a debate but I'm desperate for relief.

I was just diagnosed with acid reflux last month after suffering for years and even having my gallbladder removed, unnecissarily. I have been on aciphex, prilosec, protonix, propulsid, zantac, tagamet and now Nexium with no relief. I'm absolutely feeling miserable today and went to a great herbal/organic store today. I went to them to help with my anemia (just diagnosed in January). They talked about how the proton pump inhibitors prevent your body from making acid, which is supposed to help your stomch heal. However, with no acid, your body has no way of breaking down the food properly, which means you don't absorb the nutrients and minerals your body needs.

I am struggling whether I should try the organic route (special diet and vitamins) or continue with my GI dr and try different medicines. The Nexium alone was $167.00 for 30 pills and it's not working.

Has anyone else gone this way and had relief?

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Re: Organic treatment vs drugs??????

I too am trying the organic route. I never had trouble with relfux until my 40's. I am now 44 and going through perimenopause. I had a scope done in Jan. and the doctor found no damage or anything to diagnose. Thank God! But I still suffer. Expecially since I have been eating what I want again.

I have been going to the healthfood store alot. I am taking food enzyme capsules when I can. I eat papaya/mint tablets that help. Alot of this has to do with my hormone levels fluctuating with perimenopause. It is just making me miserable with so many ailments. But I believe in natural remedies because the prescription drugs make me feel bad too and make me consipated. They don't come without side effects.

If you have anything you are trying that works please let us know. Thanks!

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Forensicmom HB User
Re: Organic treatment vs drugs??????

TEdds83 ~ Can I ask what your symptoms are?

I'm almost 39 and have been dealing with stomach issues since I was a teen but it was usually off and on. For the past 3 1/2 years I have been dealing with nausea and stomachaches almost on a daily basis and it just seems to be getting worse. I've been having terriblly heavy periods over the past year which has made me very anemic. I just figured that out back in January. I had the upper endoscopy done in early Feb and there was damage (red irritated areas) in my upper stomach and the dr said it was probably from acid reflux. I've been taking Nexium for almost a month and there's no relief at all. I am also worried about the side effects.

The Herbal store gave me digestive enzymes and Superdophilis to keep the iron pills from hurting my stomach even more. So far, the Chelated iron is not too bad on my system. My stomach has been feeling really bad lately, so I went back yesterday (we didn't know about the GERD when I first went in there). They switched me from the pill form of Superdophilis to the powder form and added Bifdonate as well as a stronger digestive enzyme.

We also talked about my diet. This is where I am never sure whether to believe them or not. They always tell you that organic is better for you then regular foods. I already spend $300 a week on generic groceries, I can't imagine getting organic for things. She told me that there is coffee I can get that will be easier on my stomach but I should never use Splenda and the Coffeemate French Vanilla is loaded with MSG and a few other things that are terrible for you. They said Splenda can cause diarrhea and other stomach issues. So today is my first day without any coffee, which explains my terrible headaches. I'm trying tea instead.

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Re: Organic treatment vs drugs??????

HI Forensic mom! I so sorry you are suffering so much too. I think you are going to have to do what I am and just do things one at a time and with process of elimination.

First of all, my main symptom with my reflux is that I have lots of mucus in my throat, congestion and feeling like I try to get a full breath in. I have coughing spells with this and it is very frustrating. Sometimes I get nauseated if I have alot of drainage going into the stomach. I try to eat little small meals along the way. If it is bad I will get the burning in my sternum area of even pain between my shoulder blades. I also have IBS and trouble at the other end. It all happens for me from stress and perimenopause. Everyday is different for me depending on my stress level and what I have been eating.

As far and figuring it all out. I too am wanting to buy all organic but my goodness is it expensive!! I try to one new product every week or two. Some I incorporate into my diet. Other foods I have tried and they were nasty! So I don't buy them again. I just couldn't handle the taste. I do buy food enzymes and they are suppose to help you digest food and they do work.
I have different things I buy from the healthfood store that they recommend. I have different tea's that I buy. There is one called throat coat that has licorace and slippery elm in it. It is soothing on the throat. Just don't buy ginger. As good as it is for you it is REALLY bad on reflux. It felt like a fire going on inside me. It really scared me. I must have had a little ulcer when I drank that.

Just watch your diet, stay away from coffee, spicy sauces (It's hard because I love pizza and spagetti!) chocolate, acidic and fried food. I think you will feel much better as you watch everything closely.

Oh ya, I was going to tell you Splenda and any artificial sweetners are terriable! Please don't use them. They really are loaded with toxic things. Like chlorine etc...that's why you feel bad! I get migraines whenever I have tried that. I won't even buy any diet drinks whatsoever. I always buy things with regular sugar or an organic substitute. Anything natural. There are so many people who have had health problems when consuming these artificial sweetners. I just know you will feel better without them.

P.S. Don't quit coffee cold turkey! I got the shakes and real bad headaches. Just ease off. Smaller cups and clear down to less than a half a cup. It is a like a drug with drawal. I just don't want you to have to suffer. I did that once and felt so bad for a few days.

Here for you anytime you want to talk!

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