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LPR symptoms

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Old 05-01-2009, 12:43 PM   #1
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sarasotagal HB User
LPR symptoms

Just discovered your board. Diagnosed with LPR 6 weeks ago after symptoms of cough, hoarseness, post nasal drip,(mucous in throat), dry mouth and tongue. ENT put me on Kapidex 60 mg and cough is almost gone and same for hoarseness, but dry mouth and mucous are horrible. Anyone else suffering from these symptoms? Anything working for you?

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Old 05-01-2009, 08:23 PM   #2
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netnellie HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

Originally Posted by sarasotagal View Post
Just discovered your board. Diagnosed with LPR 6 weeks ago after symptoms of cough, hoarseness, post nasal drip,(mucous in throat), dry mouth and tongue. ENT put me on Kapidex 60 mg and cough is almost gone and same for hoarseness, but dry mouth and mucous are horrible. Anyone else suffering from these symptoms? Anything working for you?
I just found this site also. It is somehow comforting to hear someone else describe my symptoms. The phlegm, post nasal drip and cough are robbing me of sleep big time! And to add insult to injury, most of the times I have that deep cough, I wet my pants. Lovely. I've been taking prescription Prylosec and Zantac. The doctor just upped my dose of both to twice a day. The Zantac I take 150mg in the a.m. and 300 m.g. around dinner time. I think the Prylosec is 60mg. I read in another entry that someone was asking about nausea. These pills tend to upset my stomach if I take them on an empty stomach. They may also effect the way other meds may be absorbed in the body. So I take my vitamins and supplements when I get up, have breakfast, and then take the LPR meds before I leave for work.

The other thing my doctor told me to do, and he said it was important, is to raise the head of my bed. My husband put blocks under the legs at the head ... 5"-6". It doesn't work to sleep on two pillows because that causes your body to bend in the middle and that is not good. It did help. All the meds were working pretty well until a couple of weeks ago. Don't know why ... maybe the addition of pollens in the air just aggravated it all. I also have very sudden, extremely dry mouth/throat, severe enough that I almost can breathe. I'm making sure I have something to drink with me at all times.

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CharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB UserCharBerry HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

I've experienced all of your symptoms after having LPR for over 10 yrs. I can swing from to much mucus causing clearing of throat, PND, Chronic Cough, Lose my voice for weeks and months at a time, Have never sounded the same. Then at times my throat feels like it's so dry and burning that I can barely swallow. And "No" I have not found the cure. Gave up on restricting my diet as that didn't seem to make any difference, All the other crap and every med known to man. I know there are some things that make me worse such as bending and lifting and also being under lots of stress. My LPR causes me to have many upper resp problems. Chewing gum will help me and a lot of people say to drink lots of water, which should be good for you anyway, but even that will cause me to have a coughing fit at times. Very frustrating disease and not easy to keep under control. Hope you have Good Luck.


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mischka2009 HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

Hey guys, I am new here, but I have been reading the posts consistently. About six months ago I was diagnosed with LPR and my life has been hell since then: same as everybody: burning throat, feeling like a bee is stinging your tongue etc. I have to note that I am a healthy eater, and I eat small portions, but it would not help. I was on omeprazole, then nexium then kapidex. None of them helped much. The side effects were bad - it was very hard to digest the food, bloating etc. I got of Kapidex after 2 week, because it gave me the worst side effects and the throat kept burning like crazy. So I decided why suffer and take it. I just stopped and decided to see what happens. Coincidently on the second day after stopping I was in grocery store and bought the natural medicine. It helps me like nothing else ever deed. It is licorice tablets. NOT candy, but dried root pressed into tablets. It is sweet and you chew it once before meal and afterwards as needed. The dose is 400 mg. I have researched that up to 3.5 g per day is ok, as long as it is deglyrihcized (removes the natural chemical that rises your blood pressure). I am not a doctor, so please do not hold me liable, but honestly i think that it is much safer for you than any PPIs. My mouth healed completely; for the first time in 6 months I dont have sores in my mouth. I take about 8-10 tablets per day and chew them as soon as I have a slight discomfort, and it goes away in 5 minutes. Two days ago I also got licorice root tea and I drink it a little bit after food.
There is another small adjustments that I made: I do not drink cold water anymore, only warm or hot tea. I am so happy that I dont have pain anymore that I decided to share. In fact I am so happy that I even stopped being mad at the doctor who never mentioned this once to me, but kept prescribing more PPIs. By the way once you get of PPIs your acid production will diminish after 2 week (it will spike up initially because the pump starts working again). I hope this helps you!

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Re: LPR symptoms

I tried the candy but can't say I've ever tried what you've found that's helped. If I run upon some, I will give it a try. I know chewing a pack of gum a day helps me some! I've read where warm drinks are better but I honestly feel better when I drink a coke on ice if I have to much mucus or drainage. Strange?


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LadogaLink HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

Hi! Ditto the experiences of others posting here, but mine definitely began as a result of my dratted CPAP machine, which I've long since quit using. I tried everything drs suggested, but here's what gives me relief. I slept in a recliner for a few years, now propped on a couch. I try to stay at about a 45 degree angle. When visiting, I take a lot of bedrolls with me to prop from my fanny up---no more coughing before sleeping; no more coughing when I get up in the morning. If you feel nauseated when you first wake up, reach for crackers beside your bed, and slowly eat a couple before you move from the position your're in when you awaken---works great, and alleviates a bit of that need to cough repeatedly. I read the book Olive Leaf Extract by Walker and started with 1 capsule at breakfast for three days, then added another at lunch for three days, etc., until I reached 12 capsules a day, for roughly 2 months, then down to 9 capsules a day for another two months. OLE is remarkably potent and can cause die-off (Herxheimer effect). I avoided the die-off by using the slow method of reaching 12 capsules a day. A health food store employee can point you to the best OLE, but I highly recommend reading the book for a greater overall understanding of OLE's benefits. BONUS---I also got rid of the following nagging little problems: skin tags or tiny warts around my eyes vanished; toenail fungus I'd been trying to totally eliminate for over 20 years vanished; interstitial cystitis vanished (but has come back, now that I'm not taking the OLE, but at much less intensity); hot, hard, knotty vericose veins that stood above my skin surface receded, are no longer hard and knotty, and no longer emanate heat; hemorrhoids receded; I had a LOT more energy; friends commented upon my higher spirits; and I lost 23 pounds, without dieting or exercising. For the last 2 to 2 1/2 mo I was also taking approx 3 TBSP of virgin coconut oil internally for a skin condition. I learned recently that the VCO can positively effect the sinuses, weight, mood, and cardiovascular health, so the two natural agents together may have been working synergistically. A TINY bit of antibiotic oitment on a cotton swab rolled inside the nostrils helps nasal dryness. Wash your hands well, leave them wet, sprinkle a little salt on your hand, and SLOWLY sniff the tiny bit of liquid from your palm. You can gradually get to the point of inhaling the salt water up into your nasal passages and down the back of your throat. I always use distilled water, and very warm, but not hot, feels good. Tap water is loaded with chemicals. Gargling with fairly warm salt water is also comforting. Look at your tongue and compare it with what info is out about what a healthy tongue looks like. A burning, hurting, stinging tongue, with indentations from your teeth, and crevices like tiny creeks (geographical tongue) indicates some vitamin deficiencies. Load up on B vitamins. However, if you're deficient in one, you probably need a good over-all supplement of vitamins and minerals, esp A, C, and E, which are very good for restoring mucosal tissue. AVOID DAIRY and dairy products, as they are mucus forming. Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes. Stevia doesn't seem to create a mucus problem for me. Couldn't believe the difference avoiding dairy made in my life. After about a couple of months, if you're desperate for dairy, buy certified organic. (Goat milk is supposed to be non-mucus forming, but I don't have a reliable source for it, so haven't tried it.) Makes a tremendous difference in the way you feel. But do avoid it for a few months so that you'll be able to clear it from your system. Drink plenty of PURE, not tap, water. The thicker your phlegm, the greater indication that you need more water. All of these things have helped me immensely. And, yes, I've started back on both the OLE and VCO. One other thing. The only medication I take is Armour for low thyroid, but I recently learned that low thyroid can cause the very symptoms with which we've all been plagued. You might look up how to determine low thyroid by temperature and by symptoms before racking up lab bills for test results, but it is something that you should investigate. I prefer a naturopath or holistic doctor when I need to see a physician. I sincerely hope that you can benefit from these things that have helped me. Best wishes to all of you.

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Sedona101 HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

I have been diagnosed with LPR in April, and since then have had a roller coaster of a ride. Nexium helped a little bit,but not what I expected. I went on Prilosec recently after taking nothing for about a month...felt fine until the LPR seemed to make a return.

I have a question, however. Why is it that in the mornings when I awaken, I seem to feel "normal"? I don't have the "grape" in my throat or even excess phlegm. Is that because all night I have not been "eating" anything that kicks off the acid reflux? Would love to know why?

By mid day, maybe after lunch, I start to get the LPR symptoms back and they usually carry into the evening. It has gotten so bad at times that I have had to resort to Ambien just to sleep.

It has not been a good 8 months....I don't see many people reporting "long term" this the best I can hope for?

Old 11-24-2009, 03:14 PM   #8
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abbydabbydew HB User
Re: LPR symptoms

Sedona, I feel your pain. I've been suffering with this for 3 months now and it seems there is no easy, quick solution like there is for so many other medical problems. I have never been sick for such a longer period before and it can definitely be depressing. I, too, usually feel better in the mornings and often think, "Oh, good, today is the day when I'll probably start feeling better..." but, sure enough, within an hour or two I am usually feeling crummy again. Some days are better than others tho', and I've only been on high-dose Prilosec for 2 weeks now, so I'm still hopeful that I'll turn a corner soon and get this under control if not eradicated.

As glad as I am to have found this board and to be able to talk about this with helpful people, it can be depressing hearing how much everyone suffers with this condition and how persistent LPR seems to be, but there ARE people on here and elsewhere who feel as tho' their LPR is under control, so don't lose hope.

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