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Old 05-18-2011, 08:15 PM   #1
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nomadhunter80 HB User
Down and spiralling out of control

Ok now this is my first post here and is kinda hard to speak when one is so down and out.

The last 2 years have been the worst of my life. And its all cause of my throat. I used to work night shifts in a call center for abt 3 years and eat all sorts of spicy food.

Slowly I noticed my voice giving way and it became so embarassing specially in front of a crowd. I am a public speaker used to giving speeches in front of 10s of people. But my throat starts choking up whenever I spoke a bit. Humiliation is the word which best describes it. First I thought it was my breathing or anxiety. But fear and anxiety give me a rush to want to do better and work harder. Not make me choke like a frog. And then I found it happened only after I eat food. Specially things like bananas or chocolates.

So here is bascially my symptoms.

1. Very dry mouth and throat in morning
2. Always a lump in throat. I dont imagine it cause when I hack clear muscous comes out which form again within a minute
3. Swallowing difficulty
4. The upper lip has changed to almost black since this started. My lips are usually light red.
5. I am always thirsty despite the fact that I drink massive amounts of water and have to go to the loo every 2-3 hours.
6. A little exercise or running will choke up my throat
7. Food feels like its stuck and it actually is stuck when I get up in the morning and brush and vomit last nights food.

This is destroying my life. I havent had a full time job or a girlfriend in the past 2 years. I have panic attacks when asked to speak in front of people. I am drowning into depression. And I am just 25. 3 years ago I had an unimaginablely social and great life. And I thought of suicide the first time in my whole life a couple of months ago.

I been to a doctor who took all my blood tests which came out positive. He then put me one Nexium 40mg which didnt make any difference. Then he told me its in my head. LOL......

I started buying Xanax and dosing on it to keep me from becoming insane. Plz help. And sorry about the long post.

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Usagihime HB UserUsagihime HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

Welcome to the board, and I am sorry about what you are going through. Being 27 years old with GERD I know how it feels to have this and be so young, with so many years to go (or suffer :P). You definitely need an endoscopy or at least a barium swallow if you never had them, blood tests alone are not enough. And perhaps a manometry as well as a 24hr impedance test since that will give you a specific diagnosis about how much you are refluxing. Is the doctor you are seeing just a general MD, or a gastroenterologist (GI) who specializes in digestive disorders?

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nomadhunter80 HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

An ent specialist. He got me to take nexium for a couple of months. Would these be something related to gastro or something else.

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eew eew is offline
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eew HB Usereew HB Usereew HB Usereew HB Usereew HB Usereew HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

NomadHunter: dear me, I cringe when I read your blog. I went through exactly the same thing. You sound like you have Larygopharyngeal Relfux.

It will help you understand what you have. Then get real serious about what your eating. I too don't exactly understand everything about what we have but I was forced to find what helped me. I woke up one mornng in the middle of a great life in July 2009 and I had severe pain in the back of my neck, head, cheeks, ears. No one could diagnose me. My Drs looked at me weird. They prescribed Flonase and said I had an allergy. I knew I didn't. I knew I had something serious but they wouldn't listen. I said to one Dr in excruitiating pain that the Flonase wasn't working. She replied in obvious disgust with me wasting her time, " I said keep taking the Flonase for the next two months, and if its not gone in two months than frankly there is not much more we can do for you.." And with that she said good bye and left the room. I was is horrific pain and kept going to work. Although I was in horrible pain (I should have been on a morphine drip it was so bad) I never missed a day of work. I did my work in horrific pain and had to talk and pretend like nothing was wrong. It affected my breathing, my voice was weak and I didn't sleep at night from the pain. I was ashamed. I think that I had something so horrible happening to me and Drs and my family did not think it was that bad. Finally I asked for an allergist 3 months into this horrible head pain and the allergist in 3 minutes diagnoised me with "silent acid reflux". The next 4 months I got a GI and ENT. They prescribed different PPIs, different strengths. Nothing worked for me. The stonger the PPIs were the more I felt side effects. But I plugged along...Nexium gave me a 30% improvement but a burn is a burn. And when you burn on top of burn over and over the throat is only 1 layer thick (as oppsed to the esophogus, which is made to take more acid). In Feb 2010 I got a severe case of pnuemonia (never had it before) caused by Nexium my Dr said. So he started me on the road to surgery. I wanted it as I didn't want to take meds. PPIs scare me. They are as bad as the aliment when taken forever. In May of 2010 I had a fundoplication and came out 10x worse. Soooo...I went through 4 months of searing to death, visit to the ER were they gave me psy and pain meds. Finally got new GI and ENT and to date they are supportative in my experiments on myself but they have never heard nor had a LPR patient before. So I've been doing my best to get myself better. I just do alot of research to understand it. I started with mega doses of probiotics Oct 2010 and it helped up to 60%. But a burn is a burn like I said earlier. Its still depressing. Two months ago along with probiotics I also stopped all meat (except for seafood) and what an improvement. If I'm careful with what I eat I have a 90% improvement. I still can't have wine, coffee, tomatoes in any form, pepper, bell peppers, mint, hot spices and the ususal. I have "atypical" LPR, which to me means nothing works for it. So diet has been the only option left for me and I have managed to get my self some what out of the depths of depair and pain. I can't even take pain meds (accept for tyenol) as they cause me severe LPR. Hope this helps you. Don't give up. We have a lot to live for. Our families need us. We have to be courageous as we are faced with a very serious anatomical problem that most Drs have never heard of or treated before. I suspect it is much more common than we think. I just think people are diagnosed with allergies or asthma. LPR is the beginning stages of GERD. Take care of yourself.

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solofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB Usersolofelix HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

This sounds like a bad case of AR/Gerd and the sooner you get an Endoscopy the better. Ask your Dr to refer you to GI dr. I wish you well, Solofelix.

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nomadhunter80 HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

Thanks for all the info and support.

Is anyone here from Sydney who knows a doctor who can understand what I am going through instead of just throwing me out.

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neddyflanders HB User
Re: Down and spiralling out of control

Originally Posted by nomadhunter80 View Post
Thanks for all the info and support.

Is anyone here from Sydney who knows a doctor who can understand what I am going through instead of just throwing me out.

Hi Nomad, I had (and still have some) of the symptoms you talk about. Mine is somewhat under control but I still have it (about 5 years now). I felt similar to you in the beginning (but thought I could figure out anything). Anyway, if you are in dire straights like it sounds and will do anything to stop it there is only one cure that I have figured out. Lose weight, lose alot of weight. It looks like your a man, then lose the gut, only way I know of that can eliminate it. I just can't bring myself to barely eating so I put up with it.

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