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Rls1994 12-07-2012 12:21 PM

Burping a lot, feel nauseous and feels like vomit is coming back up?
Is this Acid Reflux? Basically I feel nauseous, (this happens every day at some point, or all day sometimes..) and it feels as if I'm about to throw up, but I never do. (Haven't thrown up in several years)

I can feel something come up my throat at the back, (generally feels like what I've just ate or drank) and it goes back down again. Sometimes I think it's a burp, so I try forcing and sometimes they pass, but sometimes I get this disgusting vomit taste in my mouth and this liquidy stuff comes up a bit. It doesn't reach my mouth ever though. It scares me because I think it's vomit, and I'm afraid of vomiting. I don't think it's Acid Reflux because it doesn't burn most of the time, even that liquidy stuff that comes up doesn't feel burny. It comes up, and I have to force burps for it to pass and when I'm forcing, it sounds like I'm trying to retch, which is scary!

I just drank some tea, and moments later it just feels as if it's coming straight back up. It feels warm when it comes up, so I know it's the tea. I never gag when this happens though, it's just really uncomfortable and annoying.... I noticed it's definitely worse whenever I eat or drink. I don't have any other symptom besides this. Except a burning sensation in my chest sometimes, like last night, which I assume is heartburn. And sometimes I get some bad bellyaches that only last like, 5 minutes or so... I get upset stomaches quite a lot as well, just wondering if it's related? I'm scared because I'm worried it's something serious, like esophageal cancer or something, and I'm only 18! So, can anyone tell me if this is acid reflux or not? Even if it doesn't feel acidic most of the time?

edit: I've seen a doctor many times over this, been prescribed with Gaviscon and Omerprazole and they don't work... So the doctors put it down to anxiety only. Although I'm certain it isn't! I can't sleep at night because of this. I have to sit up and try burp to get rid of that feeling in my throat. It only helps temporarily though, before it comes back, again and again... It's driving me insane!

Stretch1one 12-08-2012 12:55 PM

Re: Burping a lot, feel nauseous and feels like vomit is coming back up?
I have a small hiatal hernai and I have that issue a lot especially when I have inflamed esophagus from reflux.

sealbeachluvr 12-09-2012 02:41 AM

Re: Burping a lot, feel nauseous and feels like vomit is coming back up?
I was nauseated so severly I droooed weight. After given medication I refuse to take due to horrible side effects I began searching for natural alternatives. I found out whole Ginger takes away nausea - I take it almost everyday now and I am 100% nausea free. I make it with a smoothie or I juice it with my favorite vegtables.

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