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Old 02-15-2006, 08:09 AM   #1
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arny7 HB User

Ok im gonna start this differin journal but i dont think many people are going to be as interested as in if was an accutane journal.. but im going to do it anyways. im on my second week but i have some information from the first week and on.

One Week
-Acne got worse all over. (Especially on chin and sides of mouth)
-Face was really dry.
-Face really burned after washing face with a cleanser.
-Bit of peeling was going on.

One Week and 6 Days
-Skin finally got used to Differin and was not burning anymore
-Still a bit of dry skin.
-4 new pimples on right upper side of mouth. (Looking into the mirror)
-2 new pimples on the left side-One above mouth and one kind of on the cheek.
-Couple pimples below lip-just about on chin.
-Forehead is getting a lot better! (Pimples not as red and arenít as big and less breakouts are happening)
-I see some little bumps under bottom lip, left side of face and right side of face. Donít know if there are incoming white heads or not?

2 Weeks
-Bad morningÖ 1 new white head on right upper side of mouth + 3 small bumps that look like incoming white heads. That is a total of 8 pimples all in one spot!
-Also one new white head right on the jaw line and another white head on the left upper side of mouth.
-Forehead has no new breakouts but there is a big bump on my chin that I think is going to take a while to get rid ofÖ

Why am i getting so many ****ing pimples? is it a food im eating or what? One idea i think it is is sugar so im not gonna eat any high sugar products.

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Old 02-24-2006, 05:03 PM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2006
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arny7 HB User
Re: Differin Journal

Day 15
-Mostly the same pimples accept two new big ones on the chin.
-Other ones on upper sides of mouth are slowly going away.
-Forehead looks pretty much the same to me but there is a huge difference from today then the first day I used Differin.
Day 16
-Pimples on upper sides of mouth are going away slowly but surely.
-Chin has some pretty big ones and is going to be there for a while.
-Some small ones on jaw line but will probably go away fast.
-Forehead is the same and I think it takes about 1 week at a time to see an actual difference up there.
-Hopefully this was the last initial breakout that happened.

Day 17
-Same pimples all around but are going away. Itís almost been a week with them around.
-Chin has the same big ones.
-Forehead is same as in the picture.

Day 18
-The pimples on the left upper side as seen in the picture are pretty much gone down and should be gone in 2 days.
-On the right upper side of my mouth this pimple came back and is now a white head. Not to worried about it. Also a really small bump with a little white head but I donít think it will be a full big pimple.
-Chin has a bunch of white heads, which I really want to pop but if I leave them they will go away soon.
-Forehead is about the same but some pimples went away on the sides.

Day 19
-Same ones all around but two little new ones. One on right upper side of mouth and one on the left side.
-Pimples on chin are getting better.
-Forehead looks like its getting better as well.

Day 20
-A lot of white heads but Iím going to leave them alone.
-Forehead looks a ton better than in that in the picture above.
-Chin pimples are about the same so not a whole lot of progress with those big ones.
-The new ones on upper sides of mouth have white heads and better go away soon.
-I also have a lot of small bumps to the side of my chin (right side when looking into the mirror), which I am worried about because I donít want them to form into pimples

Day 21
-Happy that Iím on my third week of Differin but not very happy with my acne right now. There was so many white heads in the morning but I left them all day at school and finally scratched off the dried scabs on them.
-Hopefully the red pimples go away in a couple of days.
-Forehead has some new ones, which makes me mad because my forehead would be good one day, and then it would have new ones the next day.
-My old big ones on the chin are finally going away and arenít nearly as big as they once were.
-There is a big bump at the bottom of my chin kind of to the left and it feels like there is a bunch of puss in there but Iím not sure yet. Hopefully it isnít another huge pimple that will form.

Day 22
-Chin pimples have really gone down and are almost gone.
-Upper sides of mouth still have some and should be gone my Monday Iím thinking
-There better not be any new ones coming to the surface around my upper mouth because I donít want pimples there anymore. A lot of small bumps around my mouth but none of them have formed into a pimple yet.
-Thereís no doubt about itÖ. My acne is worse than day 16 and I hope it starts clearing up during this weekend.

Day 23
-Things have gotten better all around except the sides of my mouth leading towards my chinÖ thereís a couple new ones.
-Chin is almost clearÖ. Couple more days and it should be.

Old 02-26-2006, 02:46 AM   #3
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Loubychew HB User
Re: Differin Journal

Arny - try Quinoderm (10% BP) as recommended in my other reply.

I had half a dozen huge cysts, I mean huge - like marbles, very sore and very noticable and a couple of regular pimples when I first bought it.

It cleared me up in less than two weeks and I have had much improved skin since. Fingers crossed anyway.


Old 03-04-2006, 07:57 AM   #4
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arny7 HB User
Re: Differin Journal

Day 24
-Woke up with a ton of little white heads on the sides of my mouth. Last night I had about 5 of them and I put Differin on them and when I woke up I saw that they have crusted over so I am very pleased that Differin is working on them.
-Chin is getting there!
-Forehead is unbelievably way better. When I first starting using Differin, my pimples on my forehead were just huge and really red and there were a ton of them. Now my forehead just has a couple and they arenít red at all.
-Oh and one more thingÖ the small bumps that I said I had to the sides of my mouth, well some of those formed to a little white head.

Day 25
-My chin is pretty much clear but now I have a bunch to the sides of my mouth and Iím getting impatient with Differin.
-I can also see and incoming one on the right upper side of my mouthÖ exactly where I donít want anymore because I have had so many dam breakouts there.
-Some breakouts on the forehead as well. So overall its not looking to good and I wont be to happy if it doesnít start clearing up by next Sunday.

Day 26
-My chin is pretty much clear but now I have a bunch to the sides of my mouth and Iím getting impatient with Differin.
-I can also see and incoming one on the right upper side of my mouthÖ exactly where I donít want anymore because I have had so many dam breakouts there.
-Some breakouts on the forehead as well. So overall its not looking to good and I wont be to happy if it doesnít start clearing up by next Sunday.

Day 27
-The incoming one on my right upper side of my mouth became a pimple and also a new one under my bottom lip to the right.
-Everywhere else is still healing up.
-Iím thinking my acne will look really bad for the rest of this week and possibly next week and then during that next week Differin will start to kick in.
-Iím just sick and tired of my pimples healing up and then I have a load of new ones that form and have to start healing up.

Day 28
-Although it might look like its better, new ones will just come right back and look bad again. I am getting so frustrated and ****** off at this product and I donít know how much longer I can continue to use it if I keep getting breakouts.
-I am going to give it until day 43 and if I am breaking out the same as now then Iím done with this ****. I donít want to give it up now because Differin might start to kick in right away but on my 6th week if Iím still breaking out thatís pretty ridiculous and will stop it immediately.

Day 29
-As you can see in the pictures above, my acne has improved but there is still the old ones and a couple of new ones to heal. As long as it looks better Iím fine with new ones coming in as long as they go away fast.
-My forehead is worse though. Maybe it was the initial breakout for my forehead.
-I think my acne will be getting better from here on because I went through 4 weeks of hell (breakouts).
-I feel an incoming pimple on right under my bottom lip, on my chin.
-Now that my acne looks better I wonít think about it so much and if I get a huge white head I wonít pop it and it will go away and no more will come. Iím feeling this upcoming week will be good.

Day 30
-Forehead is slowly recovering from the major breakout.
-Pimples that were all around my mouth are going away and should be gone soon.
-I have a new big white head under my bottom lip but it isnít very noticeable so I am going to leave it and not pop it. Other than that there is no new breakouts.
-Pleased to see that Differin is making a difference now and its only week 4. Imagine what itís going to be like in 4 more weeks if I donít miss a night.

Day 31
-Forehead is the same but is healing.
-The new one on the chin has crusted over and isnít that bad anymore.
-I feel a bump on my chin that is under the skin and I donít want it to form into a pimple.
-No new breakouts and the old pimples are still healing. There are some left over red marks from all the pimples I had from the initial break out but red marks go away after a while.

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