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Old 04-26-2005, 12:40 AM   #1
Senior Veteran
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analog2000 HB User
Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

I am a 28 yo female newly diagnosed with adult ADD. I have been taking Adderall for about 3 months now, and it is like a mini-miracle for me. I am feeling so much better, it is hard to believe it is all from one little pill!

But I have been having trouble with side effects (dry mouth, bruxism), and my doc wants me to switch to Concerta. I would hate to give up the gains I have made, but the side effects are driving me nuts. Does anyone have an opinion on Concerta vs. Adderall for adults? I have found plenty of info on kids, but not very much for adults. Also, the one side effect of Adderall I LOVE is weight loss. I am overweight, and I have lost about 10lbs without really trying. Does Concerta have the same appetite supression effect?

I would appreciate any advice or experiences. Thanks.

Old 04-26-2005, 05:43 PM   #2
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simmscity4 HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

H I am newly diagnosed with ADHD also. I am 30 yrs old and have been on Concerta for a short time now but I have noticed an immediate difference in my behavior and yes, also my eating. My son is also ADHD and on Concerta and now I get it when he says "I'm not hungry". I really just don't feel like it a lot of the time. I am so far having positive effects and have not yet found anything negative except that when it wears off it's like my life's volume is cranked and things seem really loud . Never tried Adderall though. I guess each type of meds is different for each person. I am still fiddling with doses to get it just right. Hope this helps!!

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Old 04-27-2005, 01:20 AM   #3
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index.html HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

Well, analog, just bear in mind that if you try Concerta and don't like it as well, you can always go back to Adderall.

Old 04-27-2005, 10:48 AM   #4
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Jenilou HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

I was on Adderall XR for 2 months. I liked it O.K. but I did have the same side effects, I am now on day two of concerta and I have noticed a diffrence in not only side effects being less but also I see a big improvement in focus and even modivation. Like the last post said you can always go back to Addreall.

Old 04-27-2005, 03:38 PM   #5
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analog2000 HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

Originally Posted by Jenilou
you can always go back to Addreall.
Yeah, that's true. But I know that a lot of anti-depressants lose some of their effectiveness if you stop taking them and then start again, even if you are taking another med in between. I worry that Adderall might be the same way - but I don't actually know if it is or not. I'm very happy with the current results, and I don't want to risk not getting them back. And I don't want to feel bad again in the meantime.

Jenilou - if I can ask, what type of side effects have you noticed to be lessened on Concerta? I am especially concerned with bruxism and appetite supression.


Old 04-27-2005, 06:57 PM   #6
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simmscity4 HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

Hi analog I have been on Concerta for a little while and have not had any dry mouth at all. I also used to eat constantly which the Dr. suggested was a form of fidgeting as it kept my hands and mouth busy! Anyway, I was seriously suprised when I realized that I don't even think at all about food until I'm really really hungry. It has seriously suppressed my appetite which is a good thing for me. My son is 7 and he has been on a high dose of Concerta for about a year and I have to be really creative to get him to eat the bare minimum his body needs, I have also never heard him once complain about bruxism. Just one persons experience.

Old 04-27-2005, 07:48 PM   #7
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Jenilou HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

With Adderall, I had extreme dry mouth and no appetite at all; I also experienced neck and shoulder tension along with some mild headaches. I was reluctant to go off because I did like the focus effects.

I stopped for two days, I made sure it was on a weekend so any bad effects I had would be at home, and then started the concerta. The Dr has me starting slowly on the meds but I have found that 18mg of concerta has done the same for me as 60mg of the Adderall.

I say this knowing the every body is different and reacts different to meds. but for me it has been good. I experience mild headaches about and hour after taking concerta but it goes away in about an hour and a half. I have an appetite and I do not want to hold a gallon of water in my mouth all the time to keep hydrated.

The other interesting thing to note is that when I was on Addreall I was not hungry and was not medicating my self with food like I did pre Addreall (I find I did this to stimulate my brain, go figure). Anyway... off Adderall I went back to eating tons of carbs to get energy and focus. On concerta I do not feel the need to eat to focus, instead I eat because I am hungry and not to maintain focus.

I guess if it does lose effectiveness you can go up in mg's, or even try a shorter acting Addreall.

It is hard to decide what to do because every one is so different. I totally trust my DR and feel like he would not allow me to do something that would make me go back in progress, I am a grad student and a mother of 3, he knows how much I need my focus.

I hope that helps a little. I wish some one could say for sure what the best is for all of us so we can get on with living normal lives we have all longed for.

(Sorry this post is so long...I hope it does not throw the ADD off)

Old 05-02-2005, 03:14 PM   #8
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SnappDragon HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

I was diganosed with ADD about 3 years ago and I am 37 now. I have been on everything from Ritilian to Concerta and I think Concerta is helping me alot but I am wondering if it causes weight gain. I think it can be different for all people but it sure has helped me and I sure can think better and that is so nice.

Old 05-02-2005, 04:54 PM   #9
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joshewah1980 HB User
Re: Concerta vs. Adderall for adult ADD

Hey there ...

Obviously you've gotten a number of different responses, so here's one to add to the list...

My experience with Concerta vs. Adderall is that Concerta is a winner- hands down. I was taking Adderall XR 25mg for about 7 months and I loved how it made me feel during the day, but the side effects while medicated just weren't that pleasant overall. Plus, when the meds would start wearing off at nite, I had a terrible temper! Once I started taking Concerta (36mg), I felt completely normal. The "high" that I got from the XR wasn't there, but I still like the feeling of normalcy instead of the feeling of the need to run back and forth and talk my head off. I love being in a good mood--don't get me wrong--but feeling normal and not having such a nasty temper when the meds wear off makes "depriving the high" well worth the loss.

Best of luck to ya!

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