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Old 10-13-2006, 11:41 PM   #46
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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

Originally Posted by MelaleucaMom1
Wow, I belong here... so wanting to introduce myself to this thread.
(I spend a lot of time with my toes curled under and many people look at me wondering how I am comfortable like that... I do not walk like that but every other opportunity I have they are curled under... I never knew anyone else did that)
My 9yo son has ADHD and SI, my husband and I learned in having him diagnosed that I too have the same issues as my son. My 4yo has some sensory troubles as well but only in a few select areas so his is not as bad as me or my 9yo.
I have always had high anxiety, ADD and SI but growing up no one believed me, they thought I was acting up. I refuse to have my kids grow up thinking their problems were ignored.

My 9yo was diagnosed officially when he was 6yo and has been on short acting ritalin since. He has commented he feels much better on it and likes that we can do more family things now because he behaves better. (That makes me know I made the right choice to medicate him). He still has daily struggles but has come a long way. He is very smart, an advanced reader and very rarely gets grades below a 95%... yet he still struggles to make friends and interact properly with others, he has impulse control troubles as well that the medication does not help. The OT at school has suggested he have a stress ball to offer sensory input during class (amazingly he focuses better while using it and retains more info), he also is allowed to stand at his desk when he needs to move as long as he is not disruptive to other kids. A necklace of a tough rubber like material is also worn to prevent him from chewing his fingers or clothes, instead he gnaws on the necklace. He has come a long way over the past few years, but everyday is still a new learning experience.

As for me, I am unmedicated for my ADD... I am a terrible housekeeper and stay at home mom because of my ADD. I have an incredible desire to organize, but I do so in a way that makes no sense to anyone else and it is only select items I have to be organized with. I wish I could take control of my house and organize everything. I have a very hard time focusing and completing husband and I actually laugh quite often about all of my half completed projects. I am always ontime or early to wherever I go, and cannot understand how anyone could run late. My kids are not bathed as often as they should be but never have dirty faces because that is gross to me (I hate the way dirt feels on me so never allow it to stay on my kids long). I cannot tolerate a lot of sounds or textures and have learned how to avoid a lot of things that 'rub me the wrong way'. Any suggestions on helping a Mom with the same issues as her kids would be greatly appreciated.

My 4yo uses his fingertips to touch most things and avoids full hand contact. He also will only eat bread type cereal, sandwiches, pancakes and likes milk. We have been trying forever to get him to eat more and he would rather not eat than eat what we offer. Any ideas on helping him with oral sensory troubles?

It is so wonderful to find others here facing the same daily ups and downs.
I look forward to learning more about all of you.
I would check into aspergers and do some research in that area.

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Question Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

Friday was the worst day. Day before S. had his bike stolen, then Friday, he was out for not more than 3 minutes and he drove the neighbours bike right into a moving car. The lady came to my door to tell me, but we couldn't find him. He ran away for at least 20 minutes. He was not hurt thankfully, but would not let me touch him when he came back and so I had to assess him from a distance, then he went into his room and wrapped himself up in his heavy blanket for a while.

He makes a lot of random loud noises just out of the blue. He will keep going with them until I have to tell him to be quiet. Sometimes he repeats his words loudly over and over, or just makes nonsense noises. This happens daily at any time. I have even been driving along and all of a sudden he belts out a shriek. Is this a sensorything? do any of you have this situation with your adhds?

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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child


You are so fortunate that your son was okay. How scary!! That sounds like something my little boy would do. Exactly. They have a no fear instinct in them, and just do not think about a cause and effect at times. It is not that they are careless, it is they just do not think about the 'after effect' of an event. They live purely in the moment.

My son does that from time to time where he will shriek out loud obnoxious noises or just scream to hear himself. It is annoying and makes one wonder 'why' or 'where does this come from'?

a loving heart is the truest wisdom

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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

how old is your son? Today, we were walking through the mall and he was making his noises all the time I was there. I had to keep saying "shhhh" to him. It wasn't anything that he wanted or needed, just noises (louder than normal talking sound). I homeschool him and the person from the school that oversees his education thinks that he may be aspergers. I don't know, I don't know what to do. It is very difficult to go anywhere, it seems tobe getting worse.

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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

Any child that has sensory issues should be checked out by a neuro psychologist to see if they are on the autistic spectrum. You could have a high functioning child that has Asperger's Snydrome. My son has done all of these sensory things ......was only diagnosed as ADHD at 7 yrs old but not diagnosed with autism until he was a senior in high school. It does not hurt to get the test and you will be helping your child if you can catch it sooner. Take it from a parent that wished we would have caught it sooner to benefit the child.

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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

Can you tell me what your child was like at 7or 8or 9?

Old 10-26-2006, 11:21 AM   #52
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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

He was very playful......hugging us and his teachers. He did very well in school and he did have a habit of running everywhere and on his toes. You had to get down at his level and make eye contact with him......sometimes you had to apply pressure to his shoulders or rub his back. He has always had obsessions.....first it was anything yellow, then to school buses, then to trains and then to traffic lights and the train signal lights. Every step of the way this kid has found a new obsession. He did well in school until he hit middle school when he started getting seizures......which I did not find out till later that it was common when they hit puberty to get them. It does not happen to all but it does in some autistics. My child is not Aspergers but he is high on the math side and low on the language side. Show him how to do something and he picks right up on it. He can put things together just by looking at a picture.

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Re: Adhd with sensory issues in child

Also this day my son is not flexible in his schedule. If you change anything you have to let him know in advance so he can prepare himself for it. When he was younger......instead of building with blocks ....he use to line them up in a row. If anyone took anything away from him or displeased him he would let out a high pitch scream.

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