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drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Alright... I'm a medical student, and I've known for a couple years that a lot of the people in my class smoke marijuana pretty regularly, and in the past I had *heard* rumors about more hardcore drugs (i.e. heroin, cocaine), but nothing I heard about those harder drugs was certain until earlier today.

I'll spare the details, but I found out that there are at least 5-6 people in my med school class who snort cocaine. One of them is the #1 student in our class of 110, and the rest of them are within the top 15. I guess the coke makes these people study up to 15 hours/day.

Don't get me wrong, I will openly admit that I am ****** off a great deal about them getting an advantage over the rest of us by doing illegal drugs. If they wanted to study 15 hours a day without the drugs, I would have NO problem with them getting the kinds of grades they get, while the rest of us bust our butts and struggle somewhat.

Now, I am furious because they're in medical school. If there is one group of people who should know better, it's us. Tonight really upset me- I went over to a house to pick up a book that I let a girl borrow. A few of my classmates were just sitting at the kitchen table, oblivious to the fact that I had come over, and they were snorting cocaine through hollowed Bic pens. One girl's nose started bleeding after she snorted it. I worked in a psychiatric ward for a year, so I've seen this before, but not under these circumstances

I am standing at a crossroad right now. My options are: 1- bring it up to the Dean of students, who will probably ignore it, or 2- I could just not say anything at all. There is no way in the world I am going to go with option two. Option one seems a bit discouraging as well, as this type of stuff has been brought to the higher up peoples' attention before, in which case they refused to take action unless students' names were given to them. Now, that REALLY bothers me... ESPECIALLY since they stress professionalism to us so much. Is it that hard to give people random drug tests once or twice a year?

I don't know what their argument is, but these same people who are on cocaine haven't exactly been "good citizens" for the couple years that we've been here so far either. One girl was chased in a dry Dorm by police because she was drinking alcohol- didn't get in trouble. A lot of the guys don't go to classes (they have their friends sign them in). This has been brought to the Dean's attention before... and they will say, "Oh no, so-and-so has a 4.0 GPA. He's a good student. He can't be skipping classes," which is BS. If the school's argument is that these particular students make the school look good, then why don't they think about it from a broader perspective: if said students don't snort coke to study, then they aren't at an unequal advantage to the rest of us, and I would assume that they won't score as high on the tests. This would bring the class average and the curve down, so that more of the students in our class would get better grades in our classes, and more of us would look good than just those select few. Is this not a valid point?

If doctors and other health care professionals are required to take random drug tests throughout the year, then why the hell aren't we required to? I realize that technically since right now we're only seeing patients under the supervision of a practicing doctor, but who is to say that when we are doctors in 2 years that these same people won't abuse other things that they have full, open access to?

I don't care if people know that I am the one who "rats them out;" I can live with people hating me for the next couple years. Chances are, I won't have to see them again after that. On the other hand, I don't think I'd be able to live with myself for the next 60+ years if I don't atleast get this off MY chest.

I guess I'm posting here for a couple reasons. I have personally never done drugs, and I don't plan on it, but I don't want to have a closed mind in looking at the issue here at hand. Have any of you been in a situation similar to them (or do you know someone who has)? If so, do you wish that someone (like me) had said something, or at least tried to get the issue out in the open and taken care of? Am I doing the right thing by wanting to bring this to the Dean's attention?

I would also like to know if anyone has any suggestions on WHAT I can do. I am thinking that if I wrote an anonymous letter, it would be trashed without much thought. I don't think an e-mail is appropriate either. If I decide to make an office appointment to talk to the Dean, I would definitely bring a couple of other students who back my ideas up... is that the best option, or what do you all think?

The bottom line is: I'd rather stand up for the right thing than let this go unspoken. I would really appreciate any and all advice that I can get!

Thank you,

Attention Deficit Disorder. First of all, I resent the term. As far as I'm concerned most people have Attention Surplus Disorder. I mean, life being what it is, who can pay attention to anything for very long? Is it really a sign of mental health to be able to balance your checkbook, sit still in your chair, and never speak out of turn? As far as I can see, many people who don't have ADD are charter members of the Congenitally Boring.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Hi Nanette,

I haven't been in this situation, but as a Manager in a large health insurance firm, I have run into situations where I have had to make certain confrontations so I will share my thoughts. First, I think making an appointment with the dean and bringing other students with you is a good idea; however, I would not go in with complaints of them getting 4.0 averages or having other people sign them in to classes. Rather, I would strictly go in with the message that you are afraid of the people that these students may hurt by being drug addicts. I would not personalize the issue but just say that you are very concerned that you know they do alot of cocaine and while they are being supervised now, that will not last forever and ethically you think it is your responsibility to bring this to the dean's attention.

As for the other issues of it being unfair. It took me many years to figure out that I can only be concerned with my own side of the fence. If people are not directly affecting the grade you are getting than you need to turn the other cheek. They may be getting their grades unfairly, but that is part of life. And do be sure that this will catch up to them and they will be posting on a board like this someday talking about how drugs have ruined their careers and their life. At that time, you will be in a successful career, doing what you love to do and these people won't even be a thought in your mind.

My guess is that these students are under alot of pressure and possibly unlike you, they don't know how to deal with it. Maybe they have always been over acheivers in their parents eyes and are now feeling so obligated to continue to please that they will even do drugs. If any of these people are your friends, you certainly could encourage them to go to NA and see if they can help themselves.

Good luck to you and I wish you success in your career.


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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

My, but it sounds like you are in a rather tough situation here,and that you have tried to resolve this in the past to no avail.I for one am very proud of you for making this stand.I sure as hell wouldn't want some drugged up dr incharge of MY health care.I have multiple medical conditions and have seen more drs and specialists than i can even count.this situation really scares the hell out of me you know?

But you do have some options here,and the fact that you aren't afraid of people knowing your name,will make this situation much easier to resolve.But you might still be able to get some results without actually having to get yourself involved here.

what do colleges really worry about the most?Their image,and the thought of bad publicity.these people who seem to be addicted to coke and other drugs are actually sick.Before anything really is brought out there, they should all be given an a opportunity to get there sh** together,you know?they have one chance to either make things right by getting help, or face the consequences.

To get this whole process started, i would write an annonymous letter to the dean telling him about just what has been going on(or you can sign it, it is entirely up to you)I would name names and tell him about all that you have said here and even about their using coke to study longer being unfair to the rest of you who work your asses off in doing it the right way.List all of the possible scenerios that could happen like a drug bust possibly happening(great publicity there, a well placed phone call to the local PD would be all it would take),The fact that these students,if they are actually laying their hands on any patients at any time,they ARE treating patients while under the infuence of a drug.Many possible scenerios there.There is also a very strong possibility of these people stealing drugs from happens alot more than you would the dean like to see his #1 student with that great GPA in a mug shot?

now this part might really take some ba**s,but i would put in this letter(or you could do this face to face,along with the other students who said they would back you up)all that you have observed, all of the drugs that you know they have been doing,and for how long this has been going on.The colleges possible liability if something should happen,and what might possibly happen to the dean as far as him knowing that this was going on right under his nose and doing nothing to stop it.and last but not least, have him talk with these students that are using, offer them the opporunity to get clean and back on track.tell the dean that if this matter is not attended to in the proper way, that you have this "friend" who is a reporter for one of the local papers ,that would just love to get their hands on a story like this.scandle,scandle,scandle!but in order to not get yourself into touble here you might want to do this all annonymously.but put that threat right out there for him,Tell him that unless this is resolved to your satisfaction, you will take this story to someone at the local paper and once that happens it will be out of your hands.also tell him that this is just quite frankly, the right thing to do.i cannot even imagine just what these students will do once they have better acsess to drugs, or their very first rx pad.i know that this is a form of blackmail, but from what you have said about the dean and the way he will most likely react to all this, i don't really see that you have any other choice here.unless someone else comes up with a better plan.

i really do wish you lots of luck with this.It will be difficult but you must always remember that you ARE doing the right thing. It's so good to know that at least one of the up and coming drs has some ethics here.I hope this helped some.PLEASE,PLEASE,keep me posted.I really want to know just how this all comes out.I really do hope that if you do this,that they will all agree to get help.Marcia

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

you definitly have to make a stand because for one these students could be operating on an innocent patient some day and 2 it's obviously bothering you alot and it might end up effecting you're abilitys to study concentrate and so on if the dean ignores this is thereany way to take it to a higher source? if you don't do something it's gonna keep eating away at you and get worse and i would hate to see some one that is busting their but with out the aid of drugs ruin what they are working so hard for because it's obviously on you're mind alot and you need to think of your studies and just remember that one of these students could be operating on one of your family members some day and hopefully this will come out and you're mind will ease good luck kelleigh

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Oh Boy, I just had to jump in on this one. Feelbad, I agree with what you have suggested, with one exception. I think the poster should remain annonymous when doing this. The poster could open themselves up to libel and slander suits. I would do an annonymous letter to the dean, give him an appropriate amount of time to remedy the situation, and if that didn't work,
I would wait until I was positive they were having one of these "drug study sessions" and then place an annonymous call to the state police. I don't think I would call the local police department just because in some areas they may be inclined to just turn it over to the dean and sweep it under the carpet. My brother is a State Trooper and we live in a rural area and I know these things happen here. Anyway, good luck in whatever it is you decide to do. Now I know why I have had experiences with doctors that I could have sworn were "stoned". They probably were. I just thought they were the ones that graduated with the 1.5 gpa's.

God Bless,
Spinal Fusion with cages, Cluster Headaches, Depression, Arthritis, Adhesions, Alt. Digestive Tract

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma


Another possible rememdy.

Write an anonymous letter to the local newspaper. In the letter to the editor section.

Don't name names. As someone else posted, don't personalize it.
Just point out that a number of students of X medical school in X class are doing illegal drugs. State that you fear that these students will become practicing doctors/addicts and will in fact bring harm to patients and disgrace to the medical profession.

I would write the letter to address the fact that you don't understand why random drug screens are not being done on the medical students, since in essence they are seeing patients.

If you keep the letter professional and can find a way to point out and emphasize your message without sounding like it's a personal issue between you and the other students, or an issue of the grades, which may be taken as trivial; you have a very good chance of having the letter published.

Again, you have to find some way to get a message acrossed without making it a personal issue, such as you feel they are unfairly getting good grades. People aren't going to care much about that. They will care that students who might be practicing medicine in 2 years are becoming addicts.

Also, give them a break, personally.
There is a lot of pressure with med school, as you well know. Addiction is a disease and we addicts don't PLAN to become addicts. Because you handle yourself in a professional and ethical manner doesn't mean that they can.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Thanks for the feedback... after a good night's sleep, and also from reading your comments, I think it'd be in my best interest to start off by sending an anonymous letter to the Dean and see if anything happens from there. I put together somewhat of a rough draft (posted below). (Like I said, it is a rough draft) - Before I mail this, I will ask for the opinions of other med students at my school that I know hold the same standpoint as me; though none of you go to school with me, I am posting it here because I welcome ANY and ALL constructive criticism and comments that I can get... I want this letter to speak to them in a way that will make them feel guilty about NOT doing something.

the rough draft:
Dr. _____,

As one of the medical students at ______, I have come to an incredibly difficult crossroad recently. I’m sure this issue is present all across the board, not just among a handful of students in my class. Regardless of the “who” in this situation, I feel that the “what” is more important in bringing this to your attention.

There are a number of students abusing stimulant drugs. If I was talking about Ritalin (or any of the drugs typically prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder), which I’m sure is being abused by others anyway, I would probably not say anything and give my classmates the benefit of the doubt. I’m not heartless, I can empathize with what they are going through and it’s tough. However, since Ritalin, etc. is not the issue here, my convictions tell me that this cannot go unspoken.

Some of the top students in my class are abusing cocaine. They snort it so that they will be able to study for 15+ hours a day. As a future doctor, I cannot express to you in words how this makes me feel. Not only should these students know better, but I cannot imagine what these same people will be doing in a matter of years when they have easy access to every drug on the market.

Before I continue, let me clarify one thing: I’m not trying to win the war on drugs. As a human being who has a conscience, much less as a future doctor, I refuse to keep my mouth shut and let this go on any longer without bringing it to your attention.

One of the things that interested me the most about the medical program here at ______ was that everyone gave off the vibe that the teachers, administrators, docents, and other figures of authority genuinely care about the students. I was under the impression that everyone would go the extra mile to reaffirm that each student is doing well in his or her classes, and more importantly, doing well physically and emotionally. In both my personal experience and some of my closer friends’ experiences, when a strong issue has been brought to one of our advocate’s attention in the past, nothing has been done because either there was a failure to provide the names of our colleagues, or because the advocate looked up the alleged colleague’s grades and assumed that we were mistaken.

In this bureaucratic society that we live in, I realize that being a business is more of interest to a school than it is to be a place of learning, or much less a bastion of higher ideals. If I had not said anything and one of these students were to die of a drug overdose, I would not be able to forgive myself. Now that my conscience has been cleared, I am leaving this to you and anyone you care to notify to do what you feel is best for your students and your school—whether it be as a business, a place of learning, or a bastion of higher ideals.

Now, on a side note: I, personally, do not feel that it is important or even necessary for me to give you my name, nor do I feel that it is important for me to name others. The way I see it, two things could happen here: 1. something will be done about this and you will find out the others’ names anyway, or 2. everything will continue as is and nobody’s name or reputation has been tarnished. However, if you and others agree that it is imperative to the credibility of the situation, I am willing to come forward and tell you who I am.

Thank you for your time.


Once again, your comments and criticism are MUCH appreciated.

Attention Deficit Disorder. First of all, I resent the term. As far as I'm concerned most people have Attention Surplus Disorder. I mean, life being what it is, who can pay attention to anything for very long? Is it really a sign of mental health to be able to balance your checkbook, sit still in your chair, and never speak out of turn? As far as I can see, many people who don't have ADD are charter members of the Congenitally Boring.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Nanette - what DO you expect them to do? What can be done and also, the tone of the letter seems like they know what is going on but ignoring it??? I've been debating on whether you should do anything as these people are only hurting themselves and I think your primary purpose of doing this is to better yourself in these classes and not because you are really worried about the students/patients themselves. I know tons of people that smoked pot in college and did other things to 'get by' and nothing and nobody ever said/did a thing. I think it's extremely common. I swear this is so common that I just don't know what the college can do. Even if they did do random drug tests on their students.. what are the odds of them catching these few people?

I understand where you are coming from and I would feel exactly as you do as I am a very competitive person and if I thought someone was cheating and 'getting ahead' of me by doing something illegal, I would be livid and want something done about it. I'm just not sure what they can do unless you go in with all guns loaded and name names. Even then, look at this from the school's perspective. What if you were some jealous person and you were in a feud with these people and you just 'made this up' to get back at them. Wouldn't that be a total infringement on their personal rights? What if you were wrong and they only did it once or twice. Are you POSTIVE that this is being done on a regular basis? Also, if they do it on their own time, in other words... over the weekend when they don't have to work and it's just their study time, how can this affect/be related to their performance as young doctors?

Again, I'm just playing devil's advocate as I would be livid if I were you... I just don't know what to tell you to do without getting yourself in trouble as well. Also, IF, and I'm not saying it is, but IF this is for your own personal gain... you should really enjoy the fact that probably 8 out of 10 of these people that are doing coke will be totally and completely addicted before it's over with, if they aren't already. And since you've never been an addict, you cannot imagine what a horrible, horrible world that addicts live in. Even if/when someone is clean, it's still something that is on their mind every single day and most of the time, multiple times a day. If they are not clean, their brain needs drugs more than it needs food... at least, it thinks it does.

I've heard of many docs and nurses becoming addicts becuase of the access to the drugs... Then again, these students could be ones that simply do coke at night or on the weekends to study longer and then once they are finished with this course or even year, they may be able to put it down and forget about it. Odds are very unlikely this will be the case.

I do hope you understand that I relate to how you are feeling... I'm just trying to prepare you for what could be said/done. Do they do random tests on doctors? I wasn't sure. Let me know your thoughts. Also, I would be extremely careful about who you 'think' are your friends at school as when push comes to shove, they may turn their back on you and NOT support on on this. Seriously, they may also tell this group of kids that YOU are the one responsible.... Just be careful and don't let jealousy get the best of you.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Banker, I completely see where you're coming from. I'm still pretty upset about everything that I"ve found out recently, so my thoughts aren't 100% together. While I'd like to think in my head that I want to report this because it's endangering them, the only way I can fathom that is to bring up the fact that there is also a huge cheating problem going on at my school that I have been aware of since the first test I took as a student here. That is also an unfair advantage to the people who choose to do it, and though it's tempting to look off your neighbors' papers, I can't do it. I haven't really considered bringing this issue up to the education advisors, primarily because there's nothing that they can do unless they catch the people doing it. I realize that this drug issue is a lot the same, there's really nothing that they can do unless the people are caught doing it (UNLESS they decide to drug test), but for this I feel a bit more obligated to clue them in as to what's happening (if they don't already know) due to the much more severe consequences.

I say "if they don't already know" because there have already been several complaints made of quite a few of these students who are doing the cocaine... One girl had alcohol in the dry dorm when she was 19 and ran from the campus police when they tried to catch her. Did our advisors hear about this? Yes. Did she get in trouble? No. I'm not sure of all the details behind that, so I'll spare you. There have also been numerous complaints about other students, i.e. one guy never goes to his Clinical Training at the hospital (okay, he goes maybe every 1/5 time). Since our clinical training stuff is based upon honor (most physicians don't take attendance of the 10-15 people they work with), multiple people have made complaints of those who hardly ever show up, but still receive the same grade as them. When these complaints are made, the advisor will sit down, go into the computer system to look up the student's information, and then she'll say, "Oh, you must be mistaken... so-and-so has straight A's. there's no way so-and-so is a bad person. His straight A's reflect that he must be going to clinic, and you're probably just jealous and are lying to me." This is why I mention the school focusing more on the bureaucratic side of everything: these kids' parents are loaded, loaded parents donate money to the school, these kids do well on tests, smart kids make school look good.

Sure I'll admit that I'm tired of these same people continually getting off the hook because of their performance in school. I, for one, have a 3.7 and really don't have a reason to complain about the unfair advantage that coke gives them, because I'm not on the verge of failing out of school, unlike my roommates, and unlike other friends of mine. The way it works for these students I'm complaining about is quite similar to how younger siblings can get away with murder now, while you were scolded for everything, including staying up past your bedtime.

I asked the 3 girls that I study with if they'd be willing to sign a petition asking for drug testing, and I also asked the 2 girls that I live with. All of them were in favor... whether or not they'd actually do it if it came down to it, I don't know, but I tend to base friendships more off trust than anything so right now their word is good enough for me.

Good criticisms, thank you.
Attention Deficit Disorder. First of all, I resent the term. As far as I'm concerned most people have Attention Surplus Disorder. I mean, life being what it is, who can pay attention to anything for very long? Is it really a sign of mental health to be able to balance your checkbook, sit still in your chair, and never speak out of turn? As far as I can see, many people who don't have ADD are charter members of the Congenitally Boring.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

I would do the anonymous letter route time I did that when I was in college and the teacher was dumb enough to occasionally leave the class during a test and people were cheating. I sent an anonymous letter and you better believe that guy never left the room after that.

Those folks that are abusing will probably get their "day" eventually. I know a female M.D., who is married to another M.D. and neither one of them have jobs now because they've been caught abusing drugs so many times...their 8th grader was kicked out of our school for abusing alcohol..

So..anyway. I think I would take the route that you are taking and see if anything happens.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

1. The coke will ruin their lives all by itself.

2. Random drug testing is an invasion of privacy.

3. The good grades have nothing to do with coke use.

4. No one likes a tattle tale.

I am not sorry that I don't agree with everyone.

I won't tell you what to do but I would spend my time working at the number 1 place and not waste my time on the drugies. Believe me the will pay dearly some day.


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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

Also, can we discuss the ADD quote you wrote? Do you have it? What are your symptoms and how do you manage it? What is the most severe thing where ADD just about makes it impossible to do? Do you procrastinate? Are you OCD as well or just ADD and how DO you study and listen in class, etc.

Just one more thing about your email... Is it possible... I mean, JUST possible, that there are people that can miss some classes and still make A's?

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

These students will get what they deserve in the end, and will likely end up being future customers of this board. Let it go and focus on what you need to do the be the best doctor you can be.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

I can agree ,up to a certain point that Hey these people will get what they deserve in the end without any help from you.But what scares the livin hell out of me, is the fact that these people will be licensed physicians one day!!Do you want them for your Dr? do you want one these addicts to one day possibly become a surgeon and cutting you open?I sure as heck don't!I want my Drs to be clearheaded and to know just what they are doing.These people will have to hit bottom before they will finally seek the help they need if you wait for disaster to could be you that they hit bottom with.Don't you see that?

i am totally for writing the letter to the dean.I read your draft and it really dosen't sound strong enough?It sounds like more of a "oh,by the way" type letter, with no real direction or suggestions as to what you would like them to do.You need to be more direct in what you are trying to convey to them,do you know what i mean?This situation requires someone to take action,and i just don't see the dean getting all fired up after reading this letter.

I really don't care one way or another about your motives for doing this.i just want to know that these people will either get some help or not become drs.I am really scared everytime I have to see a new Dr these days(trust me, there have been way too many in my life so far), .the one neurosurgeon that I first saw with regard to a glob of blood vessels that had grown inside my spinal cord, told me what the result of removing this thing would do to was an absolute nightmare scenerio,and was also going to be a 6-8 hour,very major surgery.I also didn't really care for this guys bedside manner and i also needed a second opinion.well luckily I did that as about 9 months later,this guys name was in the news as he was being sued for operating on this guys brain,but doing it on the wrong side!!I almost had this idiot inside of my spinal cord! its a scarey world out there for people who have to see drs.You just don't know what they are doing in heir spare time you know?I honestly believe that all drs should be subjected to random drug testing,after all ,you are trusting these people with your body and those of your children.i don't view this as an invasion of privacy,it is just good quality control,you know?we require drug testing for our police officers and firefighters and also less possibly "dangerous to the public" type are literally putting your life in the hands of Drs, don't you want to make sure that they are not having problems with drugs or alcohol?I know I would.

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Re: drugs, med school, and my ethical dilemma

GL + User, while I see where you're coming from, I think feelbad sees my point here.

Banker, what did you want to hear about it? Yes, I have ADD. I don't take medicine. I get distracted pretty easily, I have a hard time paying attention to lecturers for more than 20 min unless they're really engaging speakers, when I read books I end up reading every paragraph anywhere from 3-5x (either because I got distracted and my eyes kept moving with the words, or because I forgot where I got distracted and went back a couple paragraphs too far). I wouldn't say that I procrastinate, but the way I see it is that everything races through my head all day long, and it's a matter of making a "To Do" list before I don't feel overwhelmed just thinking about everything. No I don't have OCD. I have to study in quiet places where other people aren't around (or if they are, they can't be distracting me). Having ADD makes it impossible to live up to others' expectations (as far as time management goes anyway). I can't multitask. I'll admit this is a real challenge for me, but I'm not going to take the drugs if I have done fine without them for the past 12 years since I was diagnosed. On the BRIGHT side, I can tune annoying people out without even trying BTW, class attendance is worth 50% of our "integrated problem solving" (case studies) class grade, which you need to pass in order to promote to the next year. So, yes it is possible to get A's without going to class as long as people pick up the teachers' powerpoint lectures for you, and as long as someone signs you in. Would I recommend this? No, because a lot of what the profs say isn't in the text, nor is it in the notes.

feelbad, doctors and other healt***re personnel are given drug tests. don't lose faith in physicians... sure, there are a few crappy ones who don't know how to talk to their patients face-to-face. but the majority of people I see will be awesome. I pretty much agree with all of what you said though, otherwise.
Attention Deficit Disorder. First of all, I resent the term. As far as I'm concerned most people have Attention Surplus Disorder. I mean, life being what it is, who can pay attention to anything for very long? Is it really a sign of mental health to be able to balance your checkbook, sit still in your chair, and never speak out of turn? As far as I can see, many people who don't have ADD are charter members of the Congenitally Boring.

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