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Heather- How are ya?

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Old 05-23-2004, 10:49 AM   #1
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Cool Heather- How are ya?

Hi Heather, I was wondering how you have been since your doc told you he was tapering you from the suboxone? Has it been difficult? Or have you decided to find a new sub doctor? I havent been on the boards for a long time, been working lots of crazy hours. Update me on your progress, I am curious to know how you have been. I hope things are going ok for you, I dont know how I would of handled it. Take care and be strong! Is your husband doing ok also? My thoughts are with you.

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Old 05-24-2004, 04:41 AM   #2
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sadsister HB User
Re: Heather- How are ya?

Hi Kimbee-
So nice to hear from you-oooh boy where do i start?
First-i hope you are doing ok-where have you been?Working lots??
Me too-yesterday-was non-stop...saved all my chores till sunday..actually did get most stuff done.Its amazing how much more organised i am these days.The suboxone has really saved my life..right now id be blowing every cent i had-and complaining about how terrible my life is-and losing my mind..
Instead-im at the greenhouse-picking out plants for a window box(??)..LOL andcooking up a nice meal-its weird..who am i?Donna Reed on acid?HA!
Anyway-i really appreciate you thinking of me-funny-i did a little prayer/ritual for the board yesterday..wishing all good health and recovery.
Well-we did get one of those back scripts-totally legal-no problem it was only a few months back-so thats like 2 months worth-we have another for 2 months and another month-plus the ones that will be coming-i figure at least 8 months before any real issues-my hub is going to speak w/ the dr. again about maintaining at 8 mgs..i don't see what the rush is-it took 8 yrs. to get here-how do you undo that in a year.Its helped me so much-im entirely freaked about coming off-so i am preparing myself now-seriously-i need to get in better health-lose weght-exercise-better diet-ive been on a program called slim in 6-i have lost 7 lbs.Which is amazing for me-ive got 25 to go-but hey-its a start-blew the diet portion yesterday-pigged out like no tommorow!
How are you doing w/ that?You gained as well-???
Things are kind of crazy at home-we have a family member w/ us-who was kicked out of his house for drinking/drugs-hes only 18-sweet kid-really a good boy-just needs alot of love and support.he is going to a sober house to live today-but in the last week-lots of turmoil-the parents are insane-don't want to deal..So being the mama-i took him in-got him off the streets-how couldn't i?How can people be so cruel-funny thing is-his dad is in AA-but the mom still gets buzzed on booze or weed and does benzos!HYPOCRITES!!!!
Im just amazed how people can be so hard.This kind of situation could of got way out of hand-if i didn't step in-then everyone resents me-the mom has an attitude,etc.
Oh well-part of recovery is being there for others who need you-esp.addicts-i couldn't help anyone when i used but now i can-so i do-i don't need the mother of the year award-but a simple thanks from the mom would be way!
Please give me an update on your world-im so glad you saidHI!-
((((((big hugs)))))))

Old 05-24-2004, 05:07 AM   #3
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Re: Heather- How are ya?

Wow sounds like you have been as busy as I have. I think its wonderful that you helped that boy out, its funny I am in the same situation I have a 19 year old as well and his friend is staying with us also. He has no where to go. I love to be able to help out now that I have my act together. Donna Reed on acid, that made me laugh!!! I know what ya mean though, it feels so much better now that we are not using. I am so glad to hear yo have plenty of sub left. Pleas keep me informed when the time comes. I am very concerned. You have been doing so well on it. I just dont understand his reasoning, wanting you to come off of it, if your not ready. Tell me a little more about this new slim in 6 I am very interested, hey I will try anything! I havent lost a pound! I am not gaining anymore, just cant seem to loose! Where can you get this product? You sound really good, keep in touch and stay strong!! We sub women have to! Take care. Please send info on this new product.

Old 05-25-2004, 04:24 AM   #4
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sadsister HB User
Re: Heather- How are ya?

Hi kimbee-
How weird?Didn't we figure this out another time we posted-some strange paralell-going on?So-your son also has a friend in need.
My son is very close w/"cousin"-they play music together-he left yesterday for 'sober house'-it will be good though-grt some info-go to scheduled AA meetings-they will hook em up w/ a job,etc.But the poor kids only 18-and really needs his family.
Anyway-Yes-Slim in 6-go to there product-might of seen the infomercial-but the program is so good-that I ..(a person who resists exercise like the plague)..i get up weekday morns and do my 20-25 min aerobic/10 min abs-and im slowly taking off the weight-actually around 2lbs a week(the safe way)-still got to work on the sweets-last couple of days ive been doing some "snackin'"-mm need those yummys-but ill get back on track-i went to emergency room yesterday-cos either it was anxiety or illness-ive been sick for 3 weeks-and needed to be checked out.
got to take sudafed for fluid in my ear-been on antibiotics etc..illin'
The sub should be good for a while-maybe in the meantime we can convince him-(very nerdish guy)-doesn't get addiction-told me himself-mmm..good addictionologist-specializes in something he can't "relate" to-other than 'pay in cash-like your hairdresser"...hahahaha..seriously...he said that.
The excersise program-has a community board-so people can hook up and relate(like this)-and talk weight loss/program-i like it.
Check it out-iit does work...

Old 05-25-2004, 04:47 AM   #5
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Re: Heather- How are ya?

That sounds wonderful, I will do that today, I am off work today so that gives me something to focus on, and boy do I need it. I look horrible in shorts! I am so glad its working for you. I was on the verge of tring Trim Spa, but think I will try this first. 2lbs a weeks not bad! Do you feel a lot better exercising? Do you have more energy? Thats what I need TONS of energy! I hope your sons friend will be ok, I worry so much about teens these days. I hope you are feeling better today, maybe those antibiotics will kick in soon. You take care of yourself.

Old 05-25-2004, 08:05 AM   #6
John 808
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John 808 HB User
Re: Heather- How are ya?

Just wanted to say "WAY TO GO" on the weight loss! Not ony for "appearance sake" but it is good for you health wise I am sure!

I have lost 2 lbs! I am doing the "Special K" thing (where I eat that for breakfast and lunch and then a regular dinner) and drinking lots of water!! I would like to weigh 115 (am at 118)! Started exercising regularly, too! Was way too inconsistent!

Pulling weeds and working on flower beds, huh? Can you come over here when your done! LOL! When I was working in my beds a couple of weeks ago, my daughter (the kids were out with me) came across a snake (a king or chicken snake I think- not poisonous) but never-the-less, it freaked us all out and I haven't been back in them!

Good to hear from ya- hang in there on the sub! DON'T let the doc "push you off!" I go to a new addictionologist tomorrow. I have been on a seven day sub taper and he will switch me to Ultram tomorrow to "get over the hump" as he put it. (This is the doc that said NO WAY to me staying on the sub- said it was too powerful?????????????????????? Go figure that out????)

Check back with me- okay! Take care of yourself! God bless,

Old 05-26-2004, 05:32 AM   #7
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Location: boston,mass.usa
Posts: 466
sadsister HB User
Re: Heather- How are ya?

Good to hear from you-you sound in better spirits-
Snakes-ooh yucky!Id be scared to go back too..snakes and rodents-aaah!
We have a mouse prob-in our building-my apt/is really cool-very clean-and completely rehabbed-(like me??LOL)-its actually a condo-the couple that renovated did an amazing job-very nyc loft-blond wood floors-view of the marina-deck-stainless steel appl.-the neighborhood is pretty urban-i like it-its a real neighborhood-diverse/family etc..but does have its problems-drugs mostly.Weird-i get off the drugs-and if i was/or wanted to use i could walk a block and get anything i wanted..NO THANKS!Anyway-we saw some mice-put up those pest/noise units...pretty much keeps them out-but saw one last jumping on the!
Im going thru im not well lately physically-just got over upper-resp infection-now have fluid in my ears-im fatigued and out of it..
Menapause is no joke-the sweats/lethagy remind me of getting off drugs..and i will have to go thru it again when i get off the sub-oh boy-im in trouble.
The special K diet- 2 bowls/plus dinner-right?
Sounds pretty easy-i should do it to kick start more !!!
Just trying to stick w/ it-the excersise is good-im feeling better/stronger-it helps w/ the emotional issues those endorphins...
Keep it up-mama..let me know how things go w/ the add. doc..
and im glad you said-hi..always love to hear from you...
God bless you/yours...

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