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Sarandipity HB User
Smile Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow


Wanted to let you know Im thinking about you and your surgery tomorrow. You ole morning person!

Is is outpatient surgery? I know you probably wont get this message until tomorrow morning, but I am going to say a prayer that all goes well tomorrow-that you will be "calm" before you go in... that the surgery is a success, and that you will heal.

Love for keeps,

"I believe that friends lift us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Sara - thank you sooo very much for your good wishes. Ouch! (This foot thing was yesterday and my foot hurts too much today to sit for long at my will get back to you asap.) But I had to tell you how much your message was remember everything we guys say, don't you. :-) What a sweetie you are!

I have to catch up on your story--as I was off my computer for about 3 days. I'll read it later.)

love ya, Lynn xxx

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hi Lynn!

Glad to hear all went well and that "you're back on your feet... " or will be soon. Sara really is good at remembering important dates, isn't she? I knew you had a procedure coming up, but did not remember when. I do understand post-op pain and how hard it is to find a comfortable position, and how that might keep you away form the boards for awhile. I imagine anything done to the feet...whether it's the nerves, tendons, bone spurs, or even bunions...has got to be painful, and causes to remind us how we take our little (or big, hehe) footsies for granted. Imagine how they've carried us in so many ways, and now it's time to take care of yours so you can be "up and running" again. Although my surgeries have all been above the knee, anytime you are put out or even have locals, it's a bummer to be cut on.

If my feet start to bother me, I've been told to consider bunion surgery from all the years of sacrificing the health of my feet for the sake of 3" heels, ankle straps, and for being a girl who can never have enough black pumps! Now as my 47th b'day looms, I look longingly at "comfortable shoes," but inevitably "that awesome taupe-colored, open-toe, pair with the 2 1/2" pointy heels" win out. Plus, they (the fashion-police) keep switching the heel style--pointed, then blocked and chunky, and even back to the days of the wedge, and now back to waaay pointy! Funny how we sacrifice our feet just so we can teeter-totter around an office in the name of fashion (and the illusion of long legs!) I know if I don't switch to flats soon, though, I'll be like my mother who wound up having to wear flip-flops every day...even in the winter (I say 'flip-flops' so that others besides us would know what I mean, but surely we aren't the only ones who remember when "thongs" were something we wore on our feet!?). Boy did she have bad feet, though, and her bunions on each foot portruded like a sixth toe on the outsides...something akin to a sloth!

Since the pills took all my money, eventually I'll have to start all over as I'm sure my shoe collection is vastly outdated...LOL! Ah, but I do long for the day when it's fun to just go out shopping without having to be doped up to do so...let's see, a day at the mall would have easily required about 8 pills minimum (that would be just for the outing and not counting what I'd already taken to get ready and then the more I'd need when I got home because of the walking and the accompanying sore feet!

I hope you are comfortable, Lynn. Your post sounds like it's pretty bad. In the past with my family and friends, I would have made sure to go and visit because, I admit it, I was one of those "good friends" who would come to visit with the hopes of not only being given some of their meds while there, but of also leaving with a few for that dang headache I would quickly develop and cut my visit short if I didn't have something to take for it. I know, bad DallasAlice, but it's the truth. I was that bad that I would really lie, beg, borrow and steal from people who had just been operated on and were feeling terrible and who needed their meds! It makes me feel awful to think of it now, but I think it's important to recall these things about myself and to never forget the kind of person I had become. If I'm not careful and don't do this MMT right, I could be that way again. I'm only two months into my treatment, and I can't even imagine doing something like that! But I know two months is not long enough, but for now it's working. I think my fears of being that old person again are very real, because after all, I am still an addict...I guess my life will always now be just a variation of what kind of addict I am, you know?

Given some recent talk lately on the board about whether it's okay for an addict who is in recovery to ever take anything narcotic-like for ANY kind of pain--even post-op, with you being someone who just had a procedure done and who also struggles with addiction, would you mind sharing your thoughts on how you might handle post-op pain with something other than narcotics? Like how do think you would be getting through this if you were on say, 800 mgs. of ibuprophen every 4 hours (in one post that's what I read some have actually used post op.) If you don't want to get into it, I totally just have a unique, honest and often-humorous perception of these kinds of things. This came up when one member told his story of having surgery (gallbladder removal, I think?) and of having to take meds for it, and some saw it as a way of getting his hands on some more vicodin.

I'm curious about this subject because I've never tried prescription drugs that are non-opiate based for my post-op pain from any of my surgeries or invasive diagnostic procedures I've had done in the last 10 years, so I don't have any frame of reference to compare it to. How about you? Have you ever tried any of the presciptions for pain that are not opiate based? I know I would have turned them down in a heartbeat and demanded some Percocet!

It worries me now what I would do or would have to do if something were to happen, so my clinic dr., and I had a talk about it. He explained that is the only time he discloses to another health professional (if I want it and give my permission for him to, except for the anesthesiologist if I remember what he said right from our talk, who would HAVE to know, or else I'd be risking my own health and safety if he tried to put me under and was not aware of my being on methadone!) But as far as treating post-op pain, the clinic dr. said he writes a letter to the surgeon and/or drs. involved about length of time and current doseage of methadone so any pain can be treated appropriately. The clinic dr. told me I would need quite a bit more--and he stressed "quite a bit more"--pain control than the average patient who does not have the opiate-blocking agents in them that methadone has. I hope I can remain surgery-free, but life happens, especially as we get older, so I am sure I will have to cross that surgical bridge again some day.

Well, my friend, I'm sorry for digressing and rambling. For you, and for now, my wish is that you have a speedy and comfortable recovery, and I hope that when you are able to, you will give us an update. If you don't mind and if I can't find it back in the older posts, let me know just what it was that they did to your foot, okay? Glad you're back, and I'll talk your eyes off again soon !

Love ya,
Dallas Alice

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

"Live from New's Saturday Night!"
Hey Sara and DallasAlice. Thanks for such nice letters to my twin! She's doing okay, tho a little depressed (which is probably quite natural the day after surgery!). I'm keeping her chin up with lots of junk food (her faves: cotton candy, dark chocolate pretzels, whipped cream with honey, triple layer KitKats, raw cashews, ETAL!!!!)

Sara! I am so very happy about your rehab plans. You're DOING IT! Wow! Will write more before you go in.

DallasAlice - I see where you asked Lynn about surgery and pain meds. I 'sort of' addressed this in my post to Ryan'sdad, just now. I know people with real pain issues, and NO ONE who has not been there can speak for those who have. If people checked out the pain med boards, they'd perhaps gain a better perspective. And, as I said in my post, I don't believe being an 'addict' should make you forfeit your right for humane treatment.

Nite all!

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hey Lynn (and twin )
Get well soon!!
I hope you are taking it easy and resting your foot!
I was just thinking about ya.
How are you feeling??????
p.s. What is up with Michelle??????? She hasn't been around in awhile. If you talk to her could you let her know that i miss her....

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hi Lynn-
Hope you are feeling better-i had NO idea you were having surgery..
((((hugs)))))and lots of love sent your way-You got Alice w/ you-shes a wonderful sis-like me/my sis-what would i do w/o her...
Im worried about my sister-shes been dabbling w/ vikes again-after being clean for 4 yrs-her boyfriend is kind of"going off"-shes managed to keep her intake down to no more than 3 pills-but hes up to 7-8 percs/vikes..its tough-cos they did very well in NA-very active/stepwork/etc..but they stopped going to meetings-and unfortuately relapsed.
Any way-its that love of my sister-that keeps me going-shes the best..
Like the 2 of you-devoted to each other-its a beautiful thing..
Please rest up-don't do too much-have your little nosh/and relax-
Feel better soon-
love- GGRl65

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Cool Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Dallas Alice -

You are sooooo funny. Just what I needed after the last few days. I'm a laugher in search of a laugh! LOL!!! And, please don't ever apologize for your literary "tomes"--I LOVE your long posts. (And I'm not much of a "short, terse, verse" myself--I can "tome" with the best of them! LOLOL!)

Let me answer your questions. Pain meds after surgery?? Yes! In fact, if I had not taken a pain med about half an hour ago--I could not sit at this computer! (But I have not yet gone off the stuff, so I did not have that issue that those newly "clean" folks do. And...even then....I'm not for telling an ex-addict they don't deserve the best pain reduction after surgery! I'll leave that up to my doctor...and my own suffering body!! But I notice that a similar topic swept many people from the board last things must have gotten intense. I just believe we have to think for ourselves and make the most sensible choices--as no one knows us as well as WE do! :-)

I will add that I DID try a few Motrin...and that was about as effective a post-surgical pain killer for me as shoving down a mouthful of my favorite from the "Food Group Pyramid"--Cotton Candy!!! LOL! Whereas, the pain meds just lifted that nasty pain from hot-air balloons lifting an enormous weight off my foot. It's hard to argue with I guess what those of you who have fought so hard to quit your addictions have to do is to take the minimal necessary to keep your poor bodies--already ravaged by surgery--as comfortable as possible. I think our bodies can tell us pretty quickly at which point the Motrin will politely tap the Vicodin on the shoulder and says "Ahem...ahem...excuse me...I want to say 'thanks very much' for your prompt attention to this rather sticky matter...but I think I can successfully take over from here!!" LOL! I've just never seen any sort of pain as "enobling"--pain is one of the primal senses we flee from. And I believe that posters on the Pain Management Board will attest to that.

Your problem with the methadone and pain killers is one I hadn't really thought about, before. But, now that Alice and I are seriously thinking of's something I think we should consider very carefully, as you are doing. By the way, we are so happy you are doing well on your MMT program...we've been following you every step of the way! You truly are a sign to us that there CAN be an end in sight...and there WILL be! :-)

My own foot surgery is a long-winded story--not worth TOO much hot air (LOL!)--but let's simplify it by saying that a month-old wound (deep and wide) on the top of my left foot, did not close and heal as it should...and, despite antibiotics, which helped slow down the coninual infections, it remained wide open...oozing...and all that gross detail, which I know you are begging to hear. NOT!!! :-) This meant I have not been walking-or at work (did you notice how much more time I've had to check the Boards??)--and I've just been stuck here in my apt.

The plastic surgeon/wound specialist tried to avoid my having to get the wound surgically dealt with. didn't work. So, I had to have what the medical profession terms a "procedure"--which as far as I'm concerned is just a soothing simile for--operation! "Procedures", indeed!!!

Anyway, I had envisioned a much more minor event--being seated in a nice quiet room....getting a "local" to numb the foot...a Valium-like pill to soothe the soul. A quick cleaning and stitches--and voila! It would be over. WRONG!! It was plain and simply an "operation"--with all that entails (and I had NEVER been in a hospital for anything other than visiting before--so I was like...duh.....huh??????) And suddenly I found myself in a operating room and given a "light sedative" that had me sleeping for an hour thru the entire thing. I felt like I'd stepped into an episode of was so bizarre.

Thank heavens it was "outpatient"--and I could go home to my own bed. But..first I had to wake up, hang out in "Recovery", be wheeled up to another floor, drink some juice, change out of the hospital's couture "Ralph Lauren PJ ensemble (!!) to my "street clothes"...and be fitted for a bootie, a cane, crutches, etc. I discovered my foot totally wrapped up in layers and layers of bandages....making it so ludicrously large, that its "mate" just cringed..and wiggled its own toes,, as if to ask "DO I KNOW YOU?!?" LOLOL!!

So--here I am, two days later. Back where I started a month ago!!

Your other questions? YES....I remember THONGS--when they were sandals, worn between your toes and there was NOTHING "come-on" about them!! LOL! When did they become "flip-flops"?? Very strange.... :-)

And, oh, do I know ALL about sore feet. Unlike you, I have almost always had to wear flats. There is practically no shoe made to fit my narrow, "fleshless" foot that could blister from a mere blade of grass that got caught under my heel! My feet LOOK normal...but do not WORK normal. And, for someone like myself, who's always loved to walk, hike, climb, ski, etc, they've become the bane of my existance! I inherited these "sturdy little walkers" from my Mom...who "enjoyed" the exact same feet! Blisters galore, heel pain, toe pain, you name it. The last foot doctor I saw concurred that I just don't have any "fatty pads"--so NO shoe was ever going to feel great! The second I get to work or get home--OFF go the shoes.'ll see me in sandals right up to November! (I'm in NY...and the sight of me in a ski jacket with sandals is a strange one, indeed).

I have a closet stuffed with all these tempting, great shoes--all of them in the same neat condition they arrived in. And, that's because, each pair gets--MAXIMUM-- a block's walk (a sort of "test-drive" with my two dogs)...and is then deemed unfit for service, other than "carry them to work and wear them there" duty! Still....I'm always TRYING. And, hey! The shoes look nice in my closet, lined up according to shade (mostly black!) :-)

I had such a howl over your "pill visits" to friends and friends of friends, etc. The "darn, I would have stayed longer to cheer you up, if only I'd had a narcotic on me! DO have a narcotic in your medicine chest? You are waaaay too kind." I know I shouldn't be laughing....but there is definitely another book in this--say we call it: "Tales of Ingenuity"--stories of strange techniques tried. What sticks in MY mind (but now the pills just "maintain" me--they don't even make me feel good)--are my old shopping trips....which ultimately began with a different sort of trip! And, then, there you are in all these delicious stores, where suddenly every garment looks good on you--and you haven't even taken it off the hanger yet! LOLOLOL!! Oh, the money I spent. I can't even THINK of it! (And, not on the cousin has always given me mine from her extras. So I never spent "pill money.") But the money on clothes, fleamarket jewelry, pottery, antiques name it!! Sooooooo stupid. And then you get the merchandise home, finger it for awhile, having enjoyed the thrill of the hunt...and then mostly forget about it the next day!!! I feel SO ashamed for wasteful stuff like that...that I couldn't figure out how destructive that was, using all that hard-earned money for....WHAT!?! (The only things I will never regret buying are my ever-growing antique skiers figurine collection and antique mountaineering books. I still collect everything re. antique ski stuff.) And I still buy tons of books, spending hours in these tiny old bookshops dotted around the city.

Well, now my foot is really hurting again...and needs to go back into its up-position. So I'm going to sign off here, grab one of those books--and read. Boy, you can really feel the pain shooting back into the foot, when these meds wear off! And it's way too early to take another, withou upsetting my stomach. Let's try the Motrin again! LOL!

I am greatly looking forward to your next "missive". (I feel bad that I've been unable to catch up on reading everyone's threads...but I just can't sit here long enough yet. And, lord knows I've TRIED to balance my leg in a comfortable position--but it is just impossible at this computer! OUCH!!

so good to hear from you...and so GREAT to have a smile back on my face!! :-) Thanks a million for putting it there! You and Sara have been so sweet to remember me.

love, Lynn xxx :-)

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow


Just saw you note. Thank you so much. :-) The surgery was pretty much a surprise to me, too! LOL! (see note to Dallas).

I know you are doing everything you can to keep your sister well--and I know just how you feel, worrying about her. Alice was so relieved when I was back up on the "Recovery and Juice and Cookies" floor!! I hope that you sister will soon be there, too--back off the pills. She is so lucky to have such a loving sister like you.

xxx Lynn xxx

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Just wanted to let you know how much you made me laugh with the Vicodin talking to the Motron, and then the one foot talking to the other foot!
You are a witty women- you are a lot of fun. Too bad you cant go with me to rehab and be my first ever personal assistant who tells me what to say in meetings! "Excuse me.......... before I answer that question I will need to speak to my personal assistant- and since she's eatting cotton candy, you might want to go to the next person, she took a pretty big bite"
LOL! Im so scared Lynn! Im getting petrified and know Im going to puke before I walk in that place. Im going to beg my boyfriend to drive me back home. It's going to be a quit a 5 hour drive. Eeeekkkk!

Nighty night,

"I believe that friends lift us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Good Morning Lynn...I am so very sorry that I have not replied sooner,as I
was unaware you were having foot surgery..Indeed that particular surgery
can be very painfull be sure to take it easy and really keep
" the weight off that foot"..I am hoping and praying that your post-op is
going well and that your pain is under control..How is Alice doing? - You
know,not a day goes by that I dont think of you both..Lynn, I wanted
you to know something,as it is important for me to tell you...You,my dear
friend saved my life by making sure/guiding/talking to me about how
important it was to take that " AD cocktail " every morning-no matter what,
because there were many,many days I would not have even taken those
meds except I printed one of your posts to me and highlighted certain
lines and also read the pages/chapters you suggested in Noonday Demon.
Lynn, I will never tell you how close I came to losing " my life "..for it
is now behind me and in addition, it would quite honestly I am sure make
the hairs stand up on the back of your neck..However,suffice to say those
days are now behind me and I am almost back to "ME" and not depressed
at all anymore...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for carrying me
throughout the depression and getting me to the other side !!..I love ya
Lynn and will always be here for you and Alice...I have missed conversing
with you a great deal and hope to hear from you soon...

Dallas- I have read your reply and questions about pain control,post-op
pain control while on MMT...I am quite well versed on that subject so
if you want any input..let me know..By the way,whomever mentioned
Ibuprofen 800 q4h was wrong as the max dose is 3.2 g/day which equates
to 800mg 4 x day max..otherwise renal function could be compromised-
check it out with your PCP...Hope you are well Dallas..I am big believer
in MMT and Sub...Hope to talk to ya soon...

Peace..Love...Recovery to All...Chris

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow


We haven't talked in a while and I miss you terribly. But I LOVED your post... you seem to be in good spirits, considering you are carrying, what seems to be an extra adult sized human being on your foot!!! What a nightmare...

Anyway, I've got to go so I won't be late, AGAIN!!! Who on here can help me start getting places on time? It's become a chronic problem!!!

So how long are you going to be off from work? I hope you are able to have lots of time to recover and be lazy and spend time w/your sweeties... how is my little Theo? I know you have the other dog... but I think he and I must have been married or something in a previous life. I honestly do think of him. What a sweetie...

Anyway, take care and we'll talk soon.

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hi Banker!

This is O.T., but I wanted to tell you I was happy to see a post from does seem like it's been awhile since you've been around, so I'm glad to hear you're okay, we can deal with!

Although you're one name I can cross of my "Lost in [Cyber] Space" list, I did make an MIA thread on BCBurnaby...from what I can see, she hasn't posted for 2 weeks, like since the last of August. In my thread I said that my fear was something had happened with her dad...does anyone here know what's up?

It is odd, but oh-so-amazing, how strongly we come to care for people "on the net." Take care all, and just as you've drawn me out in the past, I wonder if we can do the same and hear from it's-been-almost-a-month Michelle again? And now two weeks without's strange not seeing their names and posts.

Talk to you all later,

Dallas Alice

p.s. Yes, Lynn, you are a laugh creator! Had me rolling over the conversation between the two feet! I'll write more later, but I truly love your sense of humor and expect you to share it fully with us as soon as you're able to spend more time comfortably at the 'puter ...

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Talking Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

To all of my dear pals on this thread who took part in the "Festering Foot Forum" (LOLOL!!)--cheering me up enormously---and bringing my foot "down to size!"( LOL!!)--I just want to say many, many, many thanks!!

Right now, my foot's gonna allow me just enough time to say a few lines before I gotta get the offending limb raised up on a "pile o'pillows" to keep the blood flowing. But before I go, I just gotta say a quick line to each of you!

Chris - yes, my hair DID stand up on my neck at reading your close, close call with that "dark place"--which I, too, have been to too many times! For some reason, your words were so desperate that night and so evocative of my own experiences that I felt such an urgent need to reach you--just to help you believe that "that place" is only a temporary spot. That you DO come out from it...although at the time you can't possibly imagine reaching up and finding light. I will always be so very, very happy that I was able to "get through", when you were so immersed in that bleakness. You have such a wonderful (and HAPPY) life ahead!!

Dallas Alice - I it's off to Saturday Night Live--where we shall try our hands at satiric entertainment! I suspect the two of us have a lot of good laughs ahead...

Banker - Just checked with your little lover-boy, "Theo"--and guess what?!?! He DID date you in a former life! During the 1940's, he was this big handsome Rottweiler stud, called Harry...and you were about to make your first lucky stage break as an understudy on opening night! That fateful night...when suddenly..without warning....Lassie accidentally tripped on her slippery rubber ball, backstage, waiting to go on to perform her magical love scene from "Lassie Come Home." Theo (then a Rottweiler) watched you from the wings, as you stepped into the light....and began to howl out the scene, as if you'd been born into the role. And...that was that--love at first sight. "You went in a Collie--but you came out a STAR!" (LOLOLOL!)

Sara - I'd be proud to be your assistant, presenting your "talking points" at your treatment center, and trying to glean any information that I can from the brave, strong person you are--and will continue to be--as you "ace" this rehab program!! :-) I know how you must feel....on top of all the sorrow of leaving the kids, making the arrangements, etc....there's still the saying good-bye to your other "dear friends"--your pills. Yes....I really do believe that at some point we grow to think of them as familiar pals, who wanted nothing more than to just cheer us up on those bad days. the weeks pass at your is where you'll learn to replace them with REAL friends...not those in a bottle. And I will be so looking foward to hearing from you when you get back! (And I DO wish I were hiding in your suitcase, just in case you needed any extra company--and laughter--during those 32 days!!!)

I also wanted to write a note now to Lisa, Goddessgrl, Christianmom, and a few others....but my foot is hurting so much at the moment that I really don't feel as if I can sit here with my leg down for one more minute. will have to just wait a bit, if you all don't mind. Nite nite....

xxx Lynn xxx

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Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hiya Lynn...How is my favorite New Yorker doing this fine afternoon?...Been
thinkin about you and Alice a great deal lately...Yes,Lynn indeed you "reached" me from that very dark,scarey abyss of depression..Lynn
dont want to ever make the hairs stand up on I will save the details
of that time...for not only is it behind me now but quite honestly I dont
want to even think/post about that time in my the " hairs " literally
still stand up upon me even thinking about where I was at then...I have missed conversing with you a great deal...How is the foot doing?? and from
what I have gathered you are considering Sub..-As you aware of, I have
much clinical experience with Sub and I would be very happy to
help in any capacity I can with your thoughts/up coming decisions,etc..
In addition, I will ALWAYS have an open ear, and open heart and special
friendship for ya Lynn..Hey ,have I told ya are way kewl !!..
Good thing you are " straight " !!!....hee.hee..Take care and write back
soon,miss ya gal !


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Talking Re: Lynn, Goodluck and Blessings to you on your surgery tomorrow

Hey, Chris!
You picked a perfect time to write--was just feeling too much pity for myself, worrying about this old foot wound, whether it's healing from he surgery, yack, yack, yack. (I'm supposed to call the surgeon and tell him how it looks--and I'll be darned if it's not looking infected again!!!) Arrrggghhh!! Oh, nooooo. This is the fifth week I'm home with it. And heaven knows I've exhausted just about all the ways to amuse an elevated leg! LOL! So--good to see your note. Hey--I'll have a pretty good medical background by the time this foot thing is all over. When I meet people, I will introduce myself and ask "May I dress your wound??" LOL! Okay, enough silliness!! (One poster suggested to me that my NY travelogue to Sammi--she's visiting NYC soon--was too off-message, so you can yell at me if that happens!) :-)

I am just so happy by the recovery you've made since you first began writing here. Is there anything in the world that feels so absolutely joyous, as realizing that your clinical depression is lifting?! I will always remember that moment! (Ho ho--other people remember the moment they met their true loves...I remember that moment that I suddenly felt as if the sensation of "normality" WAS my true love!)

What really relieved me about your own depression was that, with your medical background, I knew that no matter how despondent you felt, you were always aware that these antidepressant medications were not just mumbo-jumbo--that they DID have the ability to help you recover. Even at your very worst, when it must have felt like you were just throwing candy down your throat--you were able to assure me that you WERE taking your antidepressants. And you can't imagine how relieved that made me feel. Being on these boards--unable to help anyone personally outside of messages--can make you feel so panicky when you know the person has reached rock bottom. You were going through such an amazingly high level of stress!

By the way, thanks soooo very much for offering to help re. Suboxone. I may have some questions very soon. I've read all I can find on it...but I'll bet you know more! I had not realized that was an area you were familiar with.So, thanks for mentioning that. I am hoping this foot heals at least enough for me to make an appt.

You know that I, too, will always think of you as a special friend! And I am always here to help you in any way I can. Even if it's just to make you laugh! And thanks for the "way kewl" compiment! Ya know, don't ya that many of my good friends "ain't straight"!

Please keep writing...and I will, too! You can write about absolutely anything...and I will be here listening. xxx Lynn

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